Melissa McCarthy, Jimmy Fallon Joke About Pikachu and Fiber One in 'Tonight Show' Game 'Word Sneak'


The two could barely contain their laughter while trying to fit unusual words into their conversation.

How does one effortlessly weave words like “Pikachu,” “bagpipes,” and “Honda Prelude” into a conversation? Melissa McCarthy and Jimmy Fallon tested the limits during Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, playing the game “Word Sneak.”

In the segment, the two comedians had to “sneak” unusual words and phrases into their normal conversation while trying not to laugh.

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The Ghostbusters star started with the word “ninja” while the Tonight Show host was given “Pikachu” (though with the new Pokemon Go craze, that one’s not as hard anymore).

Talking about her kids, McCarthy said, “They’ll start tennis camp and karate because they want to be ‘ninjas.’” Fallon worked off that topic of conversation. After McCarthy said “the little one’s a fighter,” he replied, “tiny, blonde, he’s a little ‘Pikachu’ running around.”

Things got even sillier as they drifted into strange topics like dogs attending college and keeping dogs regular with “Fiber One.”

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Finally, Fallon ended on one last zinger, declaring, “In college they called me the ‘inchworm.’”

McCarthy seems to be having a blast promoting her hit new comedy, Ghostbusters. On Tuesday, she also took a minute to address a more serious topic – actress Jennifer Aniston’s essay about body image in Hollywood.

To see McCarthy’s response, watch the video below!