Reese Witherspoon Does the Bend and Snap in Honor of 'Legally Blonde' Turning 15!

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Legally Blonde
is officially 15!

Reese Witherspoon paid tribute to the film and her beloved character, Elle Woods, reviving one of the most important lessons of the film: how to win your crush over with the bend and snap.

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The 40-year-old actress reminded fans how to properly do this important move via Instagram on Wednesday, recreating the movie's famous nail scene while rocking a pink Draper James dress as a nod to her character's favorite color.

"Happiest #LegallyBlonde15!," Witherspoon wrote, along with a push to Instagram's main page, where she gave a full bend and snap tutorial.

In her adorable full-length tutorial, the mom of three excitedly points out that she has to do the move to celebrate Legally Blonde's anniversary. "We've got to do the bend and snap!" she giddily says in the video. "So, you pretend you're dropping something and you bend, and then you snap! And that's how it's done."

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The Wild star also shared a #LegallyBlonde15 mantra to Instagram that read, "Live every day like Elle Woods after Warner said she wasn't smart enough for law school."

Witherspoon admitted on Instagram’s blog that the scene was originally meant to be a full-length musical number. "That's why when you see it in the movie, everybody is dancing," she explained. "But it was a fully choreographed number by Toni Basil, and she was awesome. She did the whole dance."

"I remember just reading it and thinking it was the most hysterical thing ever," she added. "That is still the most asked request I get from people. Even this past year, when I have been giving speeches or talking about whatever, they always ask me, 'Will you do the bend and snap?' I have a feeling I will be doing the bend and snap until I am 95."

Some of Witherspoon's favorite memories from shooting involve her now 16-year-old daughter, Ava Phillippe. "When we filmed it, my daughter was a year old. I remember her visiting the set and how much she loved all of the costumes and all the pink clothes and the dog," she said. "It was a really fun cast and everybody was excited about creating something that wasn't just confection".

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"It actually had a meaningful story that we had no idea would resonate so strongly with so many people," she continued. "And it was about female empowerment. It wasn’t necessarily about the girl getting the guy."

We'd love more Elle Woods, so could there ever be a Legally Blonde 3? Watch what Reese has in the works below!