How to Keep Up With Kylie Jenner: 7 Things I Learned From Hanging Out With the Reality Star

Kylie Jenner at SinfulColors 2016 event
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SinfulColors

Here's what it's really like to keep up with the 18-year-old reality star!

Kylie Jenner's life may look ultra-glamorous and full of fun on the outside, but let me tell you, it can be a bit exhausting.

I recently got the chance to see what life is really like for the 18-year-old reality star at her Be Konfident, Kompassionate & Kourageous Stomp Out Bullying Intimate Luncheon inside the Starlight Ballroom at Mr. C Beverly Hills hotel.

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Kylie teamed up with the nail polish brand Sinful Colors to help raise awareness and put an end to bullying with the launch of three limited-edition colors -- Kompassionate (blue), Kourageous (light pink) and Konfident (iridescent). The intimate gathering was a celebration of Kylie's support for the cause, and I knew I was in for a treat as soon as I stepped into the luxurious room.

Waitresses sashayed over to me with silver plates displaying tasty bites as I patiently waited for Kylie to arrive so we could get our real grub on. I was also treated to a glass of champagne and a special Kylie Kocktail, which was a pretty shade of blue to match the event's blue for bullying prevention theme.


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Before I knew it, Kylie was stepping out of the elevator, looking seemingly flawless in a powder blue jumpsuit by London-based designer Galvan. She flashed a smile and played with her hair as she let out a somewhat shy, "hi."

Here's all the things I learned from spending the day with the chic, delightful and intriguing gal.

1. Getting ready for an appearance is no joke.

I put a good amount of effort into my daily look (I never walk out of the house without mascara, my hair has to be slightly styled, you get it!), but when you're spending the day with a famous reality star, it's obligatory to step up your style game, right? Yes. I wasn't sure what Kylie would show up in, so I went with my best Yeezy-inspired olive green dress, paired with a sparkly choker and tan heels. I thought getting extra-glam on my own was tough, but en route to meet the beauty guru for lunch I checked out her Snapchats -- she had gone through an entire makeover that morning, just hours after landing at the airport. Just moments before we met up, she had chopped off her locks into an adorable, short bob.

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2. Kylie's red carpet ritual is all about having fun.


You know when you see a photo of a celebrity on the red carpet and they look poised, professional and perfectly put together? Well, if I learned anything from Kylie, it's that it's all about letting out your nerves beforehand! I spotted her goofing off, nervously playing with the top of her jumpsuit and even busting out some dance moves as she prepared to make her way over to the photographers. When it was my turn to snap a photo with her, we switched up our poses a few times before settling on "the one." Something interesting I noticed about Kylie was she didn't once ask to approve the shots taken by the photographer, as many stars often do at smaller get-togethers like this one.

3. Those "flawless" selfies aren't really that time consuming to take.


While Kylie continued to take photos, I chatted with her close friend, Jordyn Woods, who showed me how to take a Kylie-approved selfie. I was imagining it'd take a few tries for us to get one we both liked, but surprisingly, it was one and done. I realized it was all about the angle – we both slightly tilted our heads as Jordyn also angled the camera, immediately swiping left to add a quick filter. I then asked Jordyn if the two did anything exciting earlier in the day. "Nothing much, it was a pretty normal day for us," she replied. "We spent most of the time getting ready." And, of course, Snapchatting. (Now I understand why they appear so flawless snap after snap!)

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4. Wherever Kylie goes, cameras follow.


One of the coolest moments from our luncheon was seeing first-hand what it's really like to be a reality star – and by that I mean, constantly being followed by cameras. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians film crew was there, and Kylie couldn't go anywhere without them by her side. Every step Kylie took, a camera and mic boom were just inches away from her. The bright lights shined on Kylie and her mother, Kris, the entire time we were there. They even filmed her eating lunch and approving a text message Kris was trying to send, but that didn’t stop the two from grubbing out and being the truest versions of themselves.

5. Snapchat is a full-time job.

During lunch (we dined on salmon, grilled chicken, nachos and veggies), I observed Kylie looking at her own Snapchat story a few times. When she couldn't document what was going on herself, she handed her phone over to one of her friends to take over. My day was made when I later logged on and saw that I had made it into one of her videos! Here's Kylies POV… (Yep, that's me in the background, documenting the behind-the-scenes action)

…and here's mine.


To put things into more perspective, I posted a total of five pics to my personal Snapchat account that day, while Kylie's story included a mix of 39 photos and videos. It's not easy being a social media queen.

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6. The mother-daughter dilemmas you see on camera are real.


If you're a fan of KUTWTK, you know it's typical to see the girls getting into arguments with Kris, aka their momager. At one point, I witnessed Kylie call over to Kris to have her come take photos with her. I was standing right next to Kris and overheard her jokingly say, "I don't like her right now, I have to put on a fake smile." I couldn't help but laugh, because that moment proved they're just like any other normal mother-daughter duo trying to keep their cool in public.

7. Kylie puts her heart into all her products.


The brunette beauty has been very vocal about her successful lip kit collection, and her collaboration with Sinful Colors is no different. A representative from the polish team told me that Kylie was "very active" in the development process, both in selecting the shades -- all of which include sapphire flakes -- and the regal appearance of the bottles. All proceeds from the collection, which is available via auction, are going to the L.A. LGBT Center and Stomp Out Bullying.


Upon arrival, I also learned that Kylie had teamed up with Prizeo to fly out one winner who had donated to the fight against bullying. Aisha Singh, 26, from Auckland, New Zealand, explained to me she was "excited and nervous" to see one of her favorite stars in person.

"I can't believe that I'm here," she gushed. "It's such a good feeling, Kylie is so nice. I've been a fan of hers for many years now. I've watched KUWTK every week, I've bought every single lip kit color, I go on her app every morning. I really like her. She's such a lovely person."


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Once the event was coming to an end, Kylie called together her crew, they said their goodbyes and left as a group (with the cameras still following them, of course). I followed suit. As soon as I returned home, it felt so good to kick off my heels, change into much comfier clothes and let out a yawn, because being glamorous and having lights flashed in your face all day is surprisingly quite tiring.

And that is what it's really like to try and keep up with the Kardashian-Jenner clan.