Jacob Tremblay Writes the Cutest Thank You Note Ever, Apologizes for His 'Terrible' Spelling

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Can this kid get any cuter?

Jacob Tremblay took to Instagram to share a thank you note on Friday, and it's absolutely adorable.

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In the card, meant to be read in the style of Jimmy Fallon's popular Tonight Show segment, Tremblay expresses his gratitude for the simple things in life.

Of course, we don't hold the Room star's spelling against him -- he's only 9, after all -- but perhaps the best part of his note is his apology. "Sorry, I am a terrible speller!" he warned his followers on Instagram.

"Thank you, chocolate for giving me pleasure every day. Thank you, Star Wars four giving me entetament. Thank you, Iindiana Jons the same reson as Star Wars. Thank you, box cuter four cutting my finger off #yathatrellyhurt," the note read.

We just can't get enough of the adorable actor!

Just a couple weeks ago, Tremblay shared a flashback Friday post with his Canadian pal, Seth Rogen.

"#FBF to meeting this awesome Canadian @SethRogen!!!" he wrote, adding the hashtags #matchingglasses, #twinsies, #HappyCanadaDay, #Eh and #WeDay.

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It seems the young actor charms everyone he meets. Hear Brie Larson's account of her first meeting with Tremblay in the video below.