Sara Bareilles Shares Pic from Uterine Fibroid Recovery: 'Surgery Sucks But Helpers and Families Are Amazing'

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Sara Bareilles is keeping a positive outlook while in recovery from a major medical procedure.

The GRAMMY-nominated singer revealed via an Instagram post on Wednesday that she just completed a successful surgery to remove uterine fibroids.

"So I have been healing from a minor surgery removing a fibroid on my uterus," Bareilles wrote next to a photo collage from the hospital. "Well, surgery sucks but helpers and families are amazing, nurses are angels, and doctors are wizards. In the silence and solitude of the simple task of my body seeking it's healed state, I have become vigilant about what I am intaking. Physically and metaphorically."

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The 36-year-old singer included some positive advice for anyone dealing with health issues or struggling with life in general.

"Be careful about how much negativity and noise you heap on your plate," she wrote. "It comes in abundance, but there are other beautiful things at the buffet, continued the slow pace of my recovery has simplified my world in a way, and I am reminded to absolutely acknowledge the chaos of a very strange/surreal time in our country and on our beloved planet, but ALSO remember to come back into the room I'm actually sitting in. Celebrate what is good about that too."

Having a surgery didn’t hamper the California native's sense of humor, or her love for Game of Thrones.  "I will continue to mend and hopefully return with more patience and compassion and knowledge of Game of Thrones," she promised adding, "Hope this finds you seeking some joy or handing some out to somebody else. We could all use a slice of that."

Bareilles also informed fans that she was "eating a turkey sandwich on heavy painkillers" in one of the three photos. "Sassy and sedated! Ya welcome," she wrote.

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