7 of the Most Adorable Moments From the 'Game of Thrones' Panel at Comic-Con


Plus, HBO debuts the official 'In Production' teaser and season 6 blooper reel.

Who expected the Game of Thrones panel at Comic-Con to be so cute?!

A handful of cast members from arguably the bloodiest, most effed up show on television, along with showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, provided LOLs, LMAOs, and every acronym in between during Friday's appearance in San Diego. Mostly thanks to one man: Hodor. Below, seven moments too sweet not to share...

1. "Hold the Door!"

As the cast took the stage in Hall H, the biggest applause was for dearly departed Kristian Nairn, with fans in the audience calling out, "Hold the door!" (If you don't understand the reference, what are you doing in this post?)

"It's still ultimately George's imagination that gave us these characters, that gave us this world," Benioff said of season six, the first to go beyond what’s in George R.R. Martin's series of books. A mention of Hodor's fate in particular prompted an "aww" from the audience, to which he exclaimed, "It's George! It's George's fault!

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2. "You're Going to Make Me Cry"

Nairn went on to explain that the fan reaction to Hodor's death has been "overwhelming," saying, "I did not expect it to be so crazy. I'm really, really flattered as well. It's blown my mind. I was in a hotel in L.A. recently and all their doorstops said 'Hodor' on them."

"I apologize for making you cry. Was it crying in a good way at least?" he asked the crowd. As Hall H continued to hoot and holler for him, the actor grew choked up and said, "You're going to make me cry!"

3. "Sophie Turner Made Us Do Shots"

It seems Sansa Stark herself may be up to no good off screen. Following a particularly, err, elusive answer during the Q&A, Benioff cracked, "Sophie Turner made us do shots of vodka before we came out here."

"I'm 20! I didn't do any of that!" Sophie cried.

"Our answers might not be as articulate as possible," Benioff demurred.

That might also explain Sophie's answer when asked to share any funny behind-the-scenes stories from set: "Kit farted a lot. That's it."

4. "Whatever, Jon!"

Sophie offered up this explanation when asked why her character didn't warn Jon Snow of the Knights of the Vale: "Sansa didn't tell Jon because she wanted all the credit. And it was a more dramatic moment when they showed up, which makes for better television."

As for whether Sophie thinks that Sansa thinks that Jon Snow is a good fit for the Iron Throne, she debated, "She thinks he doesn't have the knowledge, the intellect and the experience that she has" -- she paused -- "And I concur." She pondered the question a moment longer than threw her hands up and said with a giggle, "Whatever, Jon!"

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5. Jon Snow Loves a Redhead

"Don't ask me this," Sophie cut in with a laugh when a fan began to inquire about a possible romance between Sansa and Jon. "All right, here we go. Let's get this party started. Jon likes redheads, he does," she continued. "But Sansa and Jon grew up together, they might as well be siblings."

"I don't know, but I swear to god, David and Dan, if you make something happen, I will kill you," the actress deadpanned, looking down the panel to the GoT creators. Benioff quipped back, "That didn't occur to us, but thank you."

6. America's Sweetheart Speaks Out

Moderator and It's Always Sunny star Rob McElhenney's best question was posed to Iwan Rheon calling his villainous alter-ego, the less dearly departed Ramsay, a "lovable scamp" and asking what it's like to be America's Sweetheart.

"I think the key was when we were discussing the character, he had this joy in everything that he does. He's having the best time of his life!" Iwan replied. "He's not some psychopath that's just one direction." He laughed. "He's not in One Direction."

Speaking of Ramsay's death, Sophie revealed that was "100 percent" her favorite scene to shoot this season and recalled this funny anecdote: "Someone quoted that to me in a park the other day, 'Your house will disappear. Your family will disappear.' I forgot it was from the show and thought they were cursing me."

7. Sundays Without 'Game of Thrones'

Game of Thrones
fans were served some disappointing news last week: Not only will season seven debut later than usual in 2017 -- in the summer, a full year after this season's finale -- but it will only consist of seven episodes, as opposed to the usual 10.

The creators reiterated that because winter has finally come, they need to shoot later in the year. As for what viewers should do on those extra three GoT-less Sundays, Weiss suggested, "You can always re-watch. Start over at the beginning!"

In the meantime, check out HBO's "In Production" teaser for season seven:

And Peter Dinklage and the rest of the cast provide more ROFLs in the blooper reel: