14 Things You Didn't See on TV During 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All'

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The Bachelorette: Men Tell All aired Tuesday night and brought us the return of bad boy Chad Johnson, sit-downs with JoJo Fletcher's exes Luke Pell and Chase McNary and more -- but here are 14 things you didn't see on TV!

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1. Even more talk about Chad! Yes, the Men Tell
was pretty much all about bad boy Chad – but believe it or not, even more Chad chatter was left on the cutting room floor! One example: Daniel saying Chad has “no filter” and isn’t the “brightest.”  Grant and James both said they got along well with Chad in one-on-one situations in the mansion, but Wells confessed he was totally “terrified” of Chad at one point. Yikes!


2. Chad’s big apology. During a commercial break, "the Chad" leaned over and said sorry to Chris Harrison for something big that went down during Bachelor in Paradise. He said he'd watched a little too much Danny McBride on HBO's Eastbound & Down before BIP … whatever that means! Harrison accepted the apology – replying simply, "It’s all good." Believe it or not, Chad told us he takes things to the next level for BIP…we’ll see his return on August 2!

3. Deli meats. Yes, in Chad’s honor – the audience was given a tray of deli meat to pass around and snack on. …Yum?


4. Chad and Daniel going head-to-head! The Oklahoman and Canadian, who once bonded over shirtless workouts, don’t appear to be as tight anymore. During a commercial break, Daniel tried to chat with Chad, and Chad wasn’t having it. He called Daniel a “bulls****er.”

5. Alcohol. Hey, if you were going in front of a studio audience (and later, millions of viewers) you’d probably want some liquid courage too. Some of the guys had a drink (…or two) during filming (it does last hours). We’ve got two words: Fireball. Shots.


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6. A quick (and adorable) reshoot. When JoJo first walked out on stage, a ring flew off her finger! She laughed off the minor wardrobe malfunction and entered again for the cameras. But -- was it a ring on that finger? We couldn’t be sure.

7. Chase and JoJo’s chat. JoJo and her ex were part of a friendly group convo with crew members after the taping ended. After all, Chase said he got the “closure” he needed at MTA!

8. James Taylor being really nice. He came off as kind on the show, and from what we saw, that seems to be JT’s true self. During a commercial break, the singer was one of the few guys to say "hi" to Chad and give him a handshake.


9. But also … James’ missed opportunities! JT confessed when he originally came on the show, he thought Caila Quinn was going to be the Bachelorette and that he would have gotten along with her well. Then when the actual Bachelorette, JoJo, came out later on MTA, James asked if he could join her up on the couch to chat -- but Chris politely told him to stay in his seat. Sorry, James!

10. Wells’ sit-down. Yes, the radio DJ with a penchant for analogies (Lord of the Flies, anyone?) went up in the hot seat with Chris, but viewers never saw any of it. Wells relived how he was the last of the gents to kiss JoJo, saying he’s simply not the type to kiss on a first date.

11. A Bachelor superfan in the house! Actress Chloe Grace Moretz was on hand and chatted with the crew during breaks. She loves the show as much as us!

12. Chad vaping! Clad in all black a la Johnny Cash, Chad also brought along an e-cigarette to puff on during commercial breaks. (Intimidation tactic, perhaps?) Ultimately, he was told to put the e-cig away.

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13. Some vulgar comments from a few of the contestants. Yes, The Bachelorette will air an occasional bleeped-out F-bomb, but a few of the men made crass jabs against Chad that viewers didn’t see. (Hint: their comments had to do with the male anatomy. Sigh.)

14. Just how many times Evan asked to play that tape. Chris Harrison rolled the infamous clip of Chad and his nemesis Evan getting into an altercation on a group date. The point of the playback was to clear things up: Did Evan push Chad that night? The studio audience was on Chad’s side, Evan looked dumbfounded and stayed pretty quiet -- and while the episode shows the tape being played twice…it was more than that…at Evan’s request.

The Bachelorette finale airs Monday, Aug. 1 on ABC.