Bradley Cooper Is Surprised 'American Sniper' Fans Freaked Out Over His DNC Appearance


Bradley Cooper was confused to learn that he irked some Republicans for showing up to the Democratic National Convention last week.

The 41-year-old actor portrayed Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in the 2014 biopic, American Sniper -- directed Clint Eastwood, an outspoken Republican -- and is considered by some to have a conservative point of view. Cooper admitted on Tuesday's Late Late Show With James Corden that he "was not expecting" such an adverse reaction to his appearance at the DNC in his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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"Bradley Cooper is promoting Hillary? Too bad. He's dead to me now," one Twitter user proclaimed.

"Bradley Cooper at DNC?! Guess I've seen my last Bradley Cooper movie. Ewww Ick," another tweet read.

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Cooper said that he and his mother, Gloria Campano, attended the event to see President Barack Obama speak. His Russian model girlfriend, Irina Shayk, was also in attended. "Republicans were up in arms because I was there listening to the president speak," Cooper explained. "I think he was an incredible president. I was really excited."

Hangover director Todd Phillips joined the actor on the Late Late Show couch, and offered up a funny comparison regarding the controversy. "That's like the mob being mad at [Robert] De Niro for being in The Intern," he quipped.

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Cooper and Phillips also recalled a dinner they had with former President Bill Clinton while filming Hangover 2 in Thailand. Phillips said that Hillary Clinton's husband admitted to being a fan of the 2007 comedy Who's Your Caddy, while Cooper remembered the 69-year-old politician jokingly asking to be in the A-Team sequel.

While Cooper seems unfazed by the hoopla surrounding his DNC appearance, Blake Shelton went on a Twitter rant last week after a few of his fans, including Debra Messing, assumed he was a Donald Trump supporter. Here's what the country crooner had to say about his political views:

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