Woody Allen Opens Up About His Marriage and Children Ronan and Dylan, Reveals 'Isolated Life'

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Woody Allen is opening up like never before.

The 80-year-old director sat down with The Guardian and spoke candidly about his personal life and the many “traumas” he’s faced in the past -- including the repeated accusations of sexual abuse by daughter Dylan Farrow.

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“I have no interest in all of that,” the Café Society director said. “I find that all tabloid stupidity. That situation had been thoroughly, thoroughly investigated up and down the line by New York social services in a 14-month investigation. It had been investigated by Yale and conclusions were clear and I have no interest in that whole situation. I get harassed all the time on it. But it doesn’t affect me and I just have no interest in it.”

In a February 2014 op-ed for The New York Times, Dylan, one of Allen’s three children with ex Mia Farrow, accused Allen of molesting her when she was a child. Allen has continued to deny these claims, even after Dylan’s brother, Ronan Farrow, penned a guest column in The Hollywood Reporter defending his sister.

The original sexual assault claim in 1992 prompted an investigation that provided no credible evidence. Although Allen and his oldest son, Moses Farrow, have made amends, he is still estranged from Dylan and Ronan.

Despite this, he has found happiness with his wife, Soon-Yi Previn, 45, to whom he has been married for almost 20 years, saying, "I’m in a happy marriage." Nonetheless, he still has feelings of loneliness.

“I don’t have that many friends,” he said. “I lead a very isolated life. I come home and I’m with my family. I go to dinner with a few friends and, every once in a while, they’ll ask for advice, but it’s never existential.”

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Allen confessed that one thing he does miss from his young life is the ability to play sports.

“I’ve been very lucky,” he said. “I’m in good health -- at least I think I am. Dementia hasn’t set in yet to any noticeable degree. Everything is fine, but I’m always consumed with sorrow that I can’t get out on a baseball field and play it the way I could. That, for me, is the most poignant.”

“I’d like to race against Usain Bolt,” he added jokingly. “But I’m not sure how well I’d do. I was always a very fast runner. But it’s possible that while I’m still running, he would be doing his post-race interview.”

Thought he enjoys his life as a director, Allen admitted that he sometimes wonders if he should stop making movies and write an autobiography.

“I would have to go through the many regrets in my life and the many turbulences,” he said. “But that’s OK. It’s conflict and excitement. It would be nice to write that out.”

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