EXCLUSIVE: Candace Cameron Bure's Daughter Natasha Shares Gigi Hadid's Advice Ahead of Runway Debut at NYFW

The 18-year-old performer spoke with ET about her first runway gig, her famous mom's support and her love of closet raiding.

Natasha Bure is making her runway debut during the prestigious New York Fashion Week, and the 18-year-old model told ET she's "super excited" for the opportunity.

"I've been practicing my walk since I was like, five years old," Natasha, daughter of Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure, told ET while getting fitted for the Sherri Hill runway show on Sunday. "I'd literally be in my room and pretend that I was on a runway. So I feel like my walk is good, but I guess we'll find out."

"I hope it's natural-looking [and] that I'm not strutting down with my arms [flailing,]" she said, adding that her biggest concern is tripping.

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While the pressure was on to walk like a expert, Natasha said she got some pretty good advice from a seasoned pro: Gigi Hadid.

Hadid sat down with Natasha's mom on The View recently and the proud parent couldn't help but brag about her daughter's NYFW debut, and even asked Hadid for some pointers.

"She said, 'Just walk like you’re walking down the street,'" Natasha recounted. "So that's something I'm going to try to use going into the show and just have fun with it."

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Candace and her husband, retired hockey pro Valeri Bure, turned out to support their daughter on her big day, adding to Natasha's excitement. In fact, she admitted that her mother's work in the entertainment industry got Natasha excited to be a performer from a young age, adding that it's "influenced me a lot."

However, she's not planning on following in her mom's footsteps. "She is into acting and hosting and that's her realm and she does amazing. I think for me, my focus is a lot on music," Natasha explained. "That's a little bit different. No one in my family's done that, so taking on that part of the industry is completely different."

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One thing she's also taken from her mom, other than a passion for performance, is her style. Literally, she's taken her mom's clothes.

"I love to raid her closet when I can," Natasha said, admitting that it usually makes her mom mad because "she's a lot tinier than me, so a lot of stuff I try on, I'll stretch out."

The two actually got in an adorable spat on Instagram recently after Natasha stole one of her mom's bralettes. But in spite of their minor rows, Candace has been nothing but supportive of her daughter's ambitions, especially when it comes to her audition on the upcoming season of The Voice.

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"It was super cool," Natasha told ET of her experience on the singing competition. "I don't want to say too much without giving anything away… but it was an amazing experience. I'm so glad I got to audition and I can't wait for everyone to find out what happened."

After news broke that Natasha tried out for the popular singing competition series, Candace took to Twitter to cheer her on with the sweet hashtag, "#ProudMama." Check out the video below to hear more about Natasha's Voice audition.