EXCLUSIVE: Adrienne Bailon Talks 'Classy' and 'Timeless' Wedding, Teases Sexy Photo Shoot for Her Fiance


Adrienne Bailon is a stress-free bride-to-be!

At a kickoff party for the 2016 NFL women's apparel collection on Thursday in Los Angeles, The Real co-host, who's engaged to singer-songwriter Israel Houghton, told ET that wedding planning has been surprisingly easy.

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"Planning so far has been super smooth and peaceful," Bailon, 32, revealed, as her fiancé, who was sitting in on our interview, flashed a smile. "Everybody on set makes fun of me every day. They're like, 'Why are you so calm?' I'm like the calmest bride-to-be ever."

Houghton proposed to Bailon during the couple's trip to Paris, France, last month. As they were heading back to Los Angeles, the two took advantage of their long flight home, and began talking about the details of their nuptials.

"The whole flight home, we dreamed out loud what we would want," she exclaimed. "By the time I landed, my whole wedding was planned. Fourteen hours, that'll do it!"

NEWS: Adrienne Bailon Talks 'Magical' Engagement to Israel Houghton

Bailon also told ET that she's been taking a cue from one of her favorite celebrities for inspiration.

"I always, always [have] loved Audrey Hepburn – she'll always be iconic to me," she said. "I just really want to keep it classy and timeless."

Houghton, 45, said that they can't reveal venue details, but their special day will certainly be very "elegant" and "intimate."

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Bailon is an ambassador for the new NFL women's apparel line, along with Scream Queens star Keke Palmer. While chatting with the former 3LW member about how to dress up some of the pieces and make them look sexy, she revealed she'd totally be down to model the cute gear in a sultry shoot – for her fiancé!

"Absolutely! I would be so down for a sexy photo shoot in the gear," she gushed. "I would love that."

Houghton quickly chimed in, saying, "We have no objections!"

We're not surprised by Bailon's answer – just take one look at her Instagram and you'll see she oozes killer confidence. So what's the secret?

"It comes from my mama," she revealed. "Ever since I was little, she always encouraged us to be proud of who we are, and that we're all unique and special in our own way."

"I always grew up with curvy women in my Latina family," she continued. "When I was younger, I had the opposite complex, I was super thin, and I was like, 'OMG, I can't wait till I get hips and fill out. I enjoy and embrace being a woman."

Later in the night, Bailon and Palmer took to the stage to perform karaoke to Monica and Brandy's hit '90s jam, "The Boy Is Mine." At one point in the song, Palmer completely went off track with the lyrics, rapping an epic freestyle in honor of Bailon's engagement.

See it all go down in the video below!

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