Rob Kardashian Thanks Yolanda Hadid for Encouraging Him to Keep Being 'The Real Deal'

The reality stars exchanged kind words on Twitter.

Yolanda Hadid knows the demands of being a reality star, and shared some kind words with Rob Kardashian after the latest episode of Rob and Chyna aired on Sunday night.

"Keep on being the real deal, @robkardashian. You are perfect just the way U are," the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tweeted. "You've got this baby #RealLifeStruggles #invisibleillness."

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Rob was grateful for the encouragement, responding: "I APPRECIATE YOUR WORDS AND THANK YOU FOR BEING SO POSITIVE ABOUT LIFE. I really appreciate you."

On last night's episode, the father-to-be admitted that he was uncomfortable about his weight and was apprehensive about traveling to Washington D.C. and facing the public and paparazzi. He ultimately decided to take the trip and face his fears head-on.

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"I feel like just throwing myself into these uncomfortable situations is what I gotta do in order to be happy and get past everything," Rob shared. "I'm realizing that not everyone is judging me and I'm just hard on myself."

The 29-year-old reality star also got to know his pregnant fiancee Chyna's family, and received a warning from her mother, Tokyo Toni. Check it out: