Sarah Jessica Parker Is Miley Cyrus' First Celebrity Interview, Singer Praises Her 'Great Relationship' With H

She also interviewed Idina Menzel about her 7-year-old son's hilarious flirting trick.

Things got very sweet on Thursday when Miley Cyrus filled in for Ellen DeGeneres. In her first-ever celebrity interview, The Voice coach sat down with actress Sarah Jessica Parker to talk about her return to TV in the upcoming HBO series Divorce.

“I’m so excited to see you come back to TV, now I have something to watch!” Cyrus gushed, going on to compliment Parker’s family dynamic with husband Matthew Broderick. “You have such a great relationship and such a great family, it seems. I just love when you see someone who’s had their 20th anniversary, or it’s coming up. It’s incredible because sometimes I feel like even I lose that hope of people when you’re strong together, you can last. My parents have a very unique relationship so I took the show differently.”

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Both Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, and her mother, Tish Cyrus, have filed for divorce at different times, but appear to be mending their relationship behind the scenes since Tish’s most recent 2013 filing.

Parker thanked the pop star for her compliments, saying of her 19-year marriage, “I am in a long marriage and a really happy one, and we have a home that we find really satisfying.”

Broderick and Parker married in 1997 and share son James, 13, and twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha, both 7. As for Cyrus’ love life, over the last year she has rekindled her romance with her former fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. While the two haven’t officially confirmed they are engaged again, Cyrus has no problem rocking the Neil Lane sparkler he gave her back in 2012.

While filling in for DeGeneres, the songstress also got to interview Broadway star Idina Menzel, who recently got engaged to Aaron Lohr. But it was her 7-year-old son Walker, who dominated the conversation. DeGeneres had specifically asked Cyrus to question Menzel about her son’s preference when it came to Frozen vs. Finding Dory.

“Oh totally, Finding Dory, and it’s not because I’m on Ellen’s show,” Menzel said of the comedian who voices the titular character. “He hates Frozen. But everybody’s sick of it aren’t they? He hates Mommy’s singing. He loves Finding Dory, Finding Nemo.”

But despite “hating” the animated princess tale, Menzel’s son does use his connection to Queen Elsa to his advantage.

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“He will, on occasion, be caught trying to flirt with a young Kindergartener and goes up to her – I overheard this while I was volunteering in the class one day – and he was like, ‘Hey, want my mom’s autograph? She’s Elsa from Frozen,’” the singer said laughing.

Cyrus was very interested to learn if Elsa’s sexuality would be explored in the film’s sequel. Many have speculated that Queen Elsa is, in fact, a lesbian. Though Menzel wouldn’t dare betray the trust of Disney and claimed that she didn’t know, she did say, “I, Idina Menzel, am all for it!”

For more on Menzel’s new engagement, watch the video below!