Adele Gushes Over 'Perfect' Boyfriend Simon Konecki, Explains Why She Doesn't Need to Get Married


Adele doesn’t need a marriage license to prove her relationship with boyfriend Simon Konecki.

The 28-year-old singer, who stuns on cover of the December issue of Vanity Fair, confirms to the magazine that she is not married to her beau of five years and “she thinks having a child together is the bigger commitment.”

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The couple welcomed son, Angelo, in October 2012 and Adele gushes over the career support she has received from Simon, who is 14 years her senior.

“I have no desire to be with anyone in show business, because we all have egos. He’s not threatened by any stage of my life that I’m going for, and that’s an amazing thing. It’s the most serious relationship I’ve ever been in; we’ve got a child together and we live together,” she says.

“After releasing my first album, all the other people I ever was with were so insecure about themselves -- they couldn’t handle it at all. When I try to describe this to my friends they don’t always get it, because they go out with people that are our age, but Simon is already who he is, and I’m still becoming who I’m going to be. He’s confident. He’s perfect,” she sweetly adds.

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While Adele’s music is incredibly important to her, she stresses her personal life with Simon and their son will always come first.

“All of my relationships are more important to me than any tour I’ll ever do,” she says.

“If my relationship with Simon or my relationship with Angelo started to flounder a bit now, I would pull out of my tour. My life is more important to me than anything I’m doing because how the f**k am I supposed to write a record if I don’t have a life? If I don’t have a real life, then it’s game over anyway.”

The “When We Were Young” singer is currently in the middle of her tour for her latest hit album, “25,” and she explains to Vanity Fairwhy she gets annoyed when she looks out from the stage and sees cell phones lighting up the arena.

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“People would rather have a photo to show to people than actually enjoy a moment,” she says.

“It’s weird -- when I first started out, nearly 10 years ago, no one had their phones out. I’d go onstage to people. Now I go onstage to 18,000 phones. It’s pretty because of the lights … but no one is actually looking at the world -- they’re on their phones all the time.”

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