EXCLUSIVE: Princess Diana's Former Chef Says Prince Harry's Late Mother Would Be 'Thrilled' With Meghan Markle

The world has already weighed in on Meghan Markle, but what would Prince Harry's late mother think?

The world has already weighed in on Prince Harry's new girlfriend, American actress Meghan Markle, but what would Harry's late mother, Princess Diana, think? ET got former royal chef Darren McGrady to speculate on how the two would have got along.

"The Princess -- having seen Meghan's track record and the sort of work that she does and that she is interested in fashion -- they'd have so much to talk about," McGrady tells ET during an exclusive sitdown. "Princess Diana would be thrilled that she could talk to Meghan about fashion. We know that Meghan also does a lot of charity work and that would be a big bonus, too, in getting the Princess' approval. We also know that she is beautiful, and of course, who wouldn't want a beautiful bride for their son?"

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According to his website, eatingroyally.com, McGrady was personal chef to Queen Elizabeth II; Diana, Princess of Wales; Prince William and Prince Harry for 15 years, before settling in Dallas, Texas, to run his catering company. He shares memories of some of his most intimate times with the royal family in his book, Eating Royally: Recipes and Remembrances From a Palace Kitchen.

Prince Harry, 32, was only 12 when his mother died tragically in Paris, France, but McGrady says that the young prince was very close to his mom and is "very much like" her. McGrady says that Markle also reminds him of the late princess.

"I think Meghan is very much like Princess Diana," he says. "She's compassionate; she's beautiful to look at -- the components Harry is looking for in a bride."

Some have wondered whether Markle's nationality could ruffle some feathers at the palace, but according to McGrady, the late Princess of Wales held an open mind.

"Princess Diana loved America," he says. "With Harry actually choosing an American bride, I think that she would be absolutely thrilled to pieces with that."

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Of course, we're still a long way from another royal wedding, but the possibility will continue to bring Markle plenty of media attention. Cameras followed the Suits star as she stepped out in public for the first time since news of her secret romance broke. The 35-year-old Los Angeles native was snapped as she left her Toronto home for a night shoot of her USA Network drama.

All eyes will be on Prince Harry to see if he brings Markle along for his two-week tour in the Caribbean planned to start Nov. 20.

While everyone seems to have their own assessment of the new couple, McGrady made clear that there's really only one opinion that would have mattered to Prince Harry.

"If Princess Diana was still alive today, it would be very important that he got his mother's blessing," McGrady says. "His mother was very intuitive. She'd want to meet with her and sit with her and chat with her."