Dwayne Johnson Is 2016's Sexiest Man Alive!

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2016!

The news broke Tuesday morning, and ET got the 44-year-old actor's reaction to the coveted title ahead of the big reveal. "If I were to be named the Sexiest Man Alive, how would I feel? I would feel great," he coyly told ET's Kevin Frazier at Monday's Hollywood premiere of Moana, careful to not give away anything before the announcement. "I would feel cool, and that's an awesome thing."

"I would still have to get in my pickup truck every day and drive to work," the father of two added. "I would still have to change Jasmine's diapers every morning as good daddy's do, but I would do it in a way that's, what's that word? Sexy. Yes."

Johnson also jokes with People that he's "not quite too sure where we go from here."

“Wow, we’ve pretty much reached the pinnacle," he quips. "I’ve done it all, this is it.”

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On Monday, the Ballers star teased the big announcement on his Instagram, sharing a polished shot of himself posing in a perfectly-tailored suit.

“I'm here doing my Charlie Chaplin pose for a ‘First ever’ cover shoot,” he wrote. “It's a huge surprise so I [can’t] ruin the magic. Just know zero fanny packs were harmed during this shoot.” 

The California native -- who got his start wrestling in the WWF/WWE before crossing over into action films like The Mummy and Fast & Furious franchises --has been on a whirlwind press tour of late, promoting his new Disney animated film, Moana, in which he voices Hawaiian demigod Maui.

He even took his Instagram followers backstage at JimmyKimmel Live, where he filmed his entire introduction before hitting the late-show set.

Johnson’s Instagram is a perfect rundown of why he’s qualified for the title of Sexiest Man Alive. In addition to exhibiting his many charitable acts and otherworldly work ethic -- as well as a healthy dose of poking fun at himself -- the Baywatch star also reminds us on social media that, under all that muscle, he’s really just a big softy.

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Need proof? Here he is in a Pikachu costume to the delight of his 11-month-old daughter, Jasmine!

And it goes without saying that he spends a lot of time working on his fitness. "I'm a bad motherf**ker when it comes to working out," Johnson joked with ET back in June. "I lift the gym. I lift everybody in it!"

"Still up at 4 a.m. trainin' hard and takin' care of my babies... sexily," Johnson tweeted after news broke of his SMA title. "Thank U @people and all the fans. Grateful for the luv! #SexiestManAlive."

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