Meghan Markle Chose Prince Harry Over William in Q & A Before She Started Dating Him

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Looks like there was a little bit of cute foreshadowing on Meghan Markle's part when it comes to her relationship with Prince Harry!

The 35-year-old actress had a rapid-fire Q & A with Hello! magazine in a recently unearthed video from October 2015, and at one point, the interviewer asks her to choose between Prince William and Prince Harry.

Though Meghan was a little shy, she does end up choosing her future beau, Harry. Watch at the 1:00 mark.

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Meanwhile, it's business as usual for 32-year-old Harry after he confirmed he's dating the gorgeous Suits star earlier this month. On Tuesday, he met with staff from Naz -- an organization which provides support and advice for various minority communities -- working to support the sexual health and HIV/AIDS needs of minority communities in London.

"Thank you @NazProjectLdn for sharing your fantastic work to promote sexual health and HIV support services in London!" Kensington Palace tweeted.

And Meghan and Harry’s relationship is showing no signs of slowing down. Last Thursday, Meghan was spotted bringing back grocery bags from Whole Foods to Harry's home in Kensington Palace in London, where she's been presumably staying with him.

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ET spoke exclusively to former royal chef Darren McGrady earlier this month, who speculated that Harry's late mother, Princess Diana, would have been "thrilled" with Meghan.

"The Princess -- having seen Meghan's track record and the sort of work that she does and that she is interested in fashion -- they'd have so much to talk about," McGrady told ET. "Princess Diana would be thrilled that she could talk to Meghan about fashion. We know that Meghan also does a lot of charity work and that would be a big bonus, too, in getting the Princess' approval. We also know that she is beautiful, and of course, who wouldn't want a beautiful bride for their son?"

Watch below:

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