Spice Girls Go Off on Advertising Execs Asking Them to Show Cleavage and Midriffs in Unearthed '90s Video

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Don't mess with the Spice Girls!

The girl band gets a little feisty in an unearthed behind-the-scenes video from their 1997 commercial shoot for Polaroid's SpiceCam, after advertising executives asked them to show their cleavage and midriffs.

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"Who was it? Was it you? Why did you ask that, to have our cleavage showing and our midriff showing?" Mel B, dressed in a schoolgirl uniform asks the male exec.

"It's every man's fantasy," he nonchalantly replies. "That's showbiz."

"Well, you can f**k off," Mel B shouts back, before Geri Halliwell jumps in.

"You are a chauvinistic pig. That's such an easy cop out, it really is," Halliwell says as Victoria Beckham joins the group and grabs the man's sunglasses off his head.

"It's not sunny," she teases. "Stop trying to look cool. Anybody want some shades?"

"You should know better, really, at your age," Halliwell continues. "You're in the advertising industry. What sort of example is that?"

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After a few more back and forths, the argument seems to come to a close.

"We especially thank you, because he's the one who said, 'Can you show a bit of cleavage and midriff?'" Mel B says to the man as they leave the set. "And we said, 'No. Girl power!'"

Watch the epic video below:

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Twenty years later, they are still very much about girl power. In fact, Mel B, Halliwell and Emma Bunton recently came together for a couple of anniversary festivities.

"Victoria's busy with her great fashion line and Mel C's doing her own album, so they gracefully said, 'You know, you three, you go ahead and do it,'" Mel B explained during a September appearance on The Late Late Show. "We're girl power, we support each other. So us three went, 'Ok, let's just us three do it.'"

See more on the reunion in the video below.