Nick Viall's 'Bachelor' Premiere Photos Revealed: The Weirdest Entrances and What to Expect

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We don't get to watch the Bachelor season premiere until Jan. 2, but fans do get to salivate over new photos from the infamous limo arrival moments in the meantime! The wet walkway, the crazy costumes, the gowns -- all our favorite Bachelor traditions are featured in these new promo pics. Plus, on Wednesday, ABC released the contestants' biographies.

We're breaking down the most standout entrances and unforgettable bio reveals, so read on for everything you need to know for the premiere!

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1. Alexis jumps the shark (or, the dolphin?).


Alexis is an "aspiring dolphin trainer" and appropriately makes her entrance in a marine costume of some kind. Maybe Viall is into furries?!

2. Jasmine G. is wasting literally no time.

The professional basketball dancer brings famed jeweler Neil Lane as part of her entrance! She wants to show Viall what kind of engagement ring she wants right from the start.

3. Liz has a past with Nick and it's extremely mysterious. Also, she picks her nose.


Per ABC's press releases, Liz is "a bachelorette who is hiding a big secret about her past involving Nick" and he will be "blindsided" by the arrival. Yikes! Well, we're guessing she'll be super honest right away. In her bio, she openly admits her "guiltiest pleasure" is picking her nose while driving.

4. The ladies are wearing and seeing red and maybe there will be blood.


Per ABC's press release, "A number of the ladies decide to wear red to stand out -- but now, it backfires, as those in other colors are more prominent." The DRAMA!!!

5. The boys are back in town.


As per usual, former Bachelors will make an appearance to advise Viall as he starts his journey. This time it's Ben Higgins, Sean Lowe and Chris Soules. Notably, Viall and Soules are close pals in real, non-Bachelor life. Higgins and Lowe have both revealed their advice for Viall to ET.

6. Lacey comes in on a camel.


Why is very unclear, but we do know Lacey speaks Arabic and loves Dancing With the Stars.

7. Vanessa is a worldly standout.


Again, ABC's press release teases this for us: Vanessa "uses her multi-lingual skills in French and Italian to impress the Bachelor. The chemistry between Nick and Vanessa is palpable, and they look like they might have the first kiss of the season -- if it wasn't for a very persistent Corinne who swoops in and steals Nick away." Sounds like we could have a villain on our hands…

8. Christen should stay away from D.C.


In her bio, Christen, a 25-year-old wedding videographer, says she is "so curious" about what goes on in the life of the president. If she could break any law, she would "break into the White House and spend months sleeping in a storage closet."

9. These women are confident.

In her bio, 24-year-old Elizabeth says her life "has been a journey of achievements" that only she appreciates. Jasmine B. reveals she was once engaged, but says things didn't work out because that man didn't "deserve her greatness." PREACH, Jasmine B.! The prominence of confidence makes sense -- Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell told us they think Viall needs a confident woman to keep him on his toes.

10. There's a chef in the house!

On the premiere, we'll meet 28-year-old Jaimi, who says she once catered the Oscars. Maybe this will mean a big upgrade in what the ladies make at home in the mansion. But Jaimi says she follows a very specific diet: "Pesco-pollo-lacto-ovo-paro-tarian. Just fish + bird, plus byproducts." …Um, "byproducts"?

Viall will whittle the women down from 30 to just 22 on premiere night. The Bachelor premieres Jan. 2 on ABC.