Vin Diesel Auditions for 'Carpool Karaoke' and It's Pretty Awesome: Watch!


Vin Diesel is ready to belt out his favorite songs on Carpool Karaoke. The XXX star visited The Late Late Show with host James Corden on Wednesday night, when he happily broke out into a thick Cockney British accent.

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“I don’t know if you’re doing an accent or auditioning for Oliver Twist,” Corden quipped.

“That’s funny that you say that. There was a scene in this movie where I come into the coffee shop and I’m singing, ‘Consider yourself at home!’” Diesel sang in the accent.

As Corden sang along and the audience cheered, the actor stood up and asked, “How many of you wish you could do Carpool Karaoke? Am I entitled? Can I get a shot here? Can I do Carpool Karaoke? Can I do it in New York City in my hometown?”

Diesel is known for his passionate performances in his Facebook videos, and Corden said he could definitely come on the hit sketch.

The British host also praised Diesel’s Men’s Fitness cover, asking if the actor would ever consider letting himself go.

“I just dream of that day. Yes, I want to pull a [Marlon] Brando. It’s the next step,” Diesel joked.

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He also referenced his weight gain for the 2006 film Find Me Guilty, saying, “I played a character named Fat Jack DiNorscio and I had to eat a tub of ice cream every day because I had to gain as much weight as possible. And that was a lot of fun.”

To see one of the Carpool Karaoke clips, watch the video below!