Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw Celebrate Son Jordan's Music Career: 'He Didn't Get It From Us'

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Dr. Phil's son, Jordan, may not be following his dad into television, but he's definitely making a name for himself -- in music!

ET was with the TV psychologist and his wife, Robin McGraw, on Thursday night, where they celebrated the release of Jordan's new song, "Vibe," with his band, Hundred Handed.

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"He's on tour so much we don't get to see him very much, so this is terrific for us," Dr. Phil said.

"It's only our second time [watching Hundred Handed], so I'm not taking my eyes off the band," Robin added.

Though Jordan is just getting started with his new band, his parents aren't giving him any advice about life in the spotlight.

"He's been around it so much," Dr. Phil shared. "The first time he ever played at a party was 15 years ago for Oprah, so he's used to being under pressure and onstage. He's grown up so much."

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"I tried every instrument under the sun until I found guitar and for some reason it clicked," Jordan added of how he first got into music. "I was like whatever, I'll get OK at guitar and find a band, then from the second I got in a room with other musicians, that was it. It was over."

Now, Jordan is totally happy with his new "Vibe."

"When we wrote 'Vibe,' it was the turning point for when we figured out what exactly we wanted to sound like, so it was like the most exciting moment we could've had in the studio," he explained of the new song, which is now available. "A year later we finally get to put it out."

As for where Jordan got his musical talent? His parents say it certainly wasn't from them.

"He sure didn't get it from me. I can't play," Dr. Phil joked. "He didn't get it from me, I tell you."

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