EXCLUSIVE: How Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Have Changed Since Robbery and Hospitalization

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting back to being "Kim and Kanye" -- but it may look a little different now.

A source close to the couple opened up to ET recently about how the hardships that plagued the latter half of the couple's -- from Kim's robbery in Paris to Kanye's breakdown and subsequent hospitalization -- have changed them, both as individuals and as a couple.

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For Kim, one thing that's been apparent since her return to public life has been her more subdued style.

"Kim’s style has definitely turned more low key," the source says. "During her time off, she wore less makeup, more comfortable clothing and spent less time on her hair, and that worked for her."

"This is overall how she feels," the source adds. "She’s not feeling like she wants to be as made up as she used to be. She’s re-prioritized everything."

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Of course, the couple’s children, 3-year-old North and 13-month-old Saint, remain on top of that priority list.

"She’s spending more time with the kids and she loved her time off with them," the source explains. "She's more [in] mom mode."

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Kim's fashion has followed that change in perspective, turning, as our source puts it, "A little bit less curated; she’s not wearing these elaborate outfits you used to see her in every day."

"I know it’s shocking to say Kim Kardashian is dressing for comfort," the source acknowledges. "But when a life-or-death moment happens to you, followed by your husband going through something similar, you're not really that interested in anything else. She doesn’t care about the smaller things in life."

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Meanwhile, Kim has stayed mostly quiet about her robbery amid news that arrests had been made in the case, followed by the alleged robber's recent claim that most of the jewelry stolen from her has been melted down.

While Kim is compelled to open up about the experience to her fans, the source tells ET to not expect it to happen in a longform interview.

"Kim will talk about the robbery on the show, as you have already seen, because she knows she has to for her fans. She feels she has a duty to give them an update," the source explains. "But she will not be doing a longform interview about it. It’s too painful for her to keep talking about."

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As for Kanye, the source tells ET that following his overworked schedule, breakdowns at his shows and over social media, and hospitalization, what has helped the 39-year-old rapper recover is simply taking care of himself.

"Kanye is doing a lot better. He stays to his schedule," the source says. "He’s staying busy but not taking on new projects just yet."

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"He has regular checkups still with doctors," the source adds. The family and Kim are trying to do everything they can to assure he doesn’t have another episode."

The fact that we haven't heard that much from the musician is another sign that he's taking it easy.

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"He’s been great. He’s been very quiet -– no Twitter rants or crazy Trump talk," the source says. "He’s aware that breaking this good streak is something he could be susceptible to, so he is staying away from the biggest triggers, like no sleep and stress. That’s what brought him to that dark place at first."

"Eating right, sleep and exercise are his biggest priorities right now," the source continues.

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In fact, from what the source has revealed, it seems like Kanye's Life of Pablo track "No More Parties in L.A." has been oddly prophetic for the superstar couple.

"Kim and Kanye are homebodies," the source says. "They are not out on the town or partying. They spend most of their time at home, with the kids."

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Meanwhile, another sign couple is feeling more like themselves again -- they've been getting back to their PDA ways!

Watch the video below for more.

Additional reporting by Jennifer Peros.

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