Samuel L. Jackson Acts Out His Film Career With James Corden in 10 Minutes: From 'Pulp Fiction' to 'Star Wars'


The Late Late Show had to do a lot of language censoring on Wednesday night! Host James Corden and actor Samuel L. Jackson acted out Jackson’s extensive career in just 10 minutes.

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Turns out, Jackson’s characters are mostly foul-mouthed and often wield weapons.

The pair acted out Pulp Fiction, The Hateful Eight, Jurassic Park, Unbreakable, Django Unchained, Soul Man, his Star Wars films, Shaft, Goodfellas, his Avengers films, and more.

When Corden attempted to impersonate Vin Diesel in XXX, Jackson broke character, laughing at the Brit’s impression.

“That’s your Vin Diesel?” Jackson asked laughing, getting Corden to repeat the line several times.

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With more than 170 acting credits to his name, Jackson certainly keeps busy and is passionate about his work.

To see him open up about one big Star Wars fan theory, watch ET’s exclusive interview below!

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