Tom Hiddleston Sings in Spanish, Proves Acting Is His Forte on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': Watch!

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At least he tried! Tom Hiddleston visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night where he opened up about a recent trip to Mexico to promote his upcoming film Kong: Skull Island.

“There was this big premiere and thousands of fans who turned out to say hi, and then on the red carpet, somebody just reached across and handed me this sombrero, which I thought was a huge honor,” Hiddleston said, laughing at a photo of himself wearing the giant hat.

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Hiddleston asked Kimmel’s Spanish-speaking assistant, Guillermo, about an unusual occurrence that happened once he put on the hat.

“They sang me this song – Guillermo can you help me out? – they sang me this song, the Mexican fans. I put the sombrero on and they all started singing,” he said, noting the song was called “El Cielito Lindo.”

Guillermo explained it means “the night sky” and offered to sing the tune with Hiddleston.

Guillermo then attempted to help Hiddleston out, teaching him the lyrics, which the actor feebly tried out. After the singing flopped, Hiddleston continued to work on his Spanish, telling Guillermo in Spanish that he hadn’t forgotten about the gorilla suit from the last time he visited.

“You’re very gorilla-themed in general,” Kimmel quipped. “Is King Kong a gorilla or an ape?”

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“I don’t know that, actually,” Hiddleston admitted. “I feel like he’s an ape. People say he’s an ape. I called him a monkey once and it didn’t go down well on Twitter.”

For more from Hiddleston, watch the clip below!