Nick Cannon Shows Off His Muscles During Crazy Workout Routine -- Watch!

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No pain, no gain!

Nick Cannon took to Instagram on Thursday to show off his his intense workout routine.

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"On my Ninja Sh*t," the 36-year-old captioned a shirtless photo of himself standing on a balance board with Kettlebells in each hand, and weights around his ankles. "Trying to become a balanced individual."

In another post, Cannon shows just how tricky it is to stay on the board, while doing wrist curls.

"No joke! This sh*t is hard!," he captioned the video clip. "But Impossible takes a week, so I got a few more days to master this. I'm going to keep working until it's mine!!"

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Cannon appears to be doing much better, after being was hospitalized late last year, due to complications from Lupus. The self-proclaimed "Lupus Warrior," was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease in 2012.

Despite his health battles in December, Cannon continued as host of America's Got Talent, although he quit the show in February.

Weeks after announcing his departure, Cannon sat down with ET's Kevin Frazier to explain his "calculated" decision to walk away from the job that he held since 2009.

"The entertainment industry itself [can] compartmentalize you," Cannon said. "[People] get caught in a sense of like, 'You should be happy to be here,' or, 'It is the dream job. Things like this don't come along to everyone.' But things like that don't define me."

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