Chris Pratt Says He Loves Flexing His 'Cut Butt Cheeks' In the Mirror Now That He's In Shape

The 37-year-old actor is focusing on the positives of his new healthy diet.

Chris Pratt is focusing on the positives.

The 37-year-old actor isn't too thrilled with his new Jurassic World 2 diet, but isn't afraid to admit eating healthy has its benefits -- like giving you dimple-less, roll-less, "cut a** butt cheeks."

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During the latest installment in his #WHATSINMYSNACK Instagram series, Pratt gave fans a peek at his cucumber and egg wrap.. before admitting that sometimes he sneaks a peek at his own derriere while flexing in the mirror.

"Eating is no longer the fun part, flexing my butt cheeks in the mirror is," he wrote on Tuesday. "Cause no dimples. No rolls. Just cut ass butt cheeks. LIVE WITH IT!!!"

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Pratt's definitely in impressive shape -- but just how much of his body is he willing to show on camera? Find out in the video below.