Amy Schumer Says She 'Would Have Loved to Come Out of' Goldie Hawn

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'She could've been my daughter,' Hawn agrees.

Amy Schumer wishes her on-screen mom Goldie Hawn was her real mom.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show this week, the Snatched co-stars opened up about their close relationship, before Schumer revealed that she wishes the two were actually family.

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"I don't feel an age difference, but I do feel maternal, you know, which is normal. And I think as I look at Amy, and as I've watched her, she could've been my daughter," Hawn explained.

"From your lips to my ears," Schumer joked.

"[You] could've been my daughter!" Hawn continued. "[You] would've been a troubled daughter, would have been someone I had to deal with, but definitely you could've made the grade, baby!"

"I would have loved to come out of you!" Schumer yelled. "Can I say that?"

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While Schumer and Hawn already feel like family, the 35-year-old actress has had a slightly harder time making an impression on Hawn's longtime partner, Kurt Russell.

"I have to tell you the other night about Kurt, so we... I go over to their house the other night for dinner, and Kurt answered the door and he was so sweet, and he just gave me the warmest hello, he was like, 'It is so great to finally meet you. I love you, Goldie loves you, I love you.' And he was so warm, and I go, 'Thank you, Kurt. We sat next to each other at the Golden Globes,'" Schumer recalled. "No one in this family remembers meeting me!"

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ET caught up with the co-stars earlier this month, where they gushed about filming Snatched together -- and Schumer even revealed how she got Hawn to agree to the movie after a 15-year break from acting.

See what she had to say in the video below.