EXCLUSIVE: Mark Ballas & BC Jean Open Up About Married Life, the 'Sexual' Way They Piece Together Their Music

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Mark Ballas and BC Jean couldn't be happier.

In their first interview since tying the knot, the former Dancing With the Stars pro and his wife opened up about their wedding day, the first few months of marriage and working together creatively to ET's Cameron Mathison.

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The two exchanged vows at a gorgeous ceremony in Malibu, California, surrounded by their friends, family and Ballas' DWTS pro pals last November.

"It's been amazing," Ballas said of married life. "It just feels elevated. It feels solid and great."

During their nuptials, the couple danced to "Magic" by Coldplay as their first dance, but with "a little twist," according to Jean.

Ballas chimed in, saying, "She learned [tango] and none of my friends had seen her dance ever."

"There was this move where she, like, flipped around my back and put her hand right through my legs and they got a photo of it from the back," he continued. "You can see all of our friends' faces were like, ['Ah!'] It's the best photo ever."

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In addition to figuring out life as newlyweds, Ballas and Jean, both 30, are also writing new indie music together under the name Alexander Jean.

"We do better when we are together," Ballas gushed. "If we're apart, we'll fight. But the good thing is that we bring different things to the table. Like BC's way of saying something that we all kind of think and say on a daily basis, but say it in a different way where you relate to it, she has just a natural gift for that."

"We bicker, but we also respect each other so much that if one of us really, really thinks it should be this way, we usually will be able to conform to that and make it work," he continued.

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"[It's] better this way," added Jean. "I mean, we bicker all the time, that's how we survive through life, that's just how we, you know -- love and war. That's what we do."

Jean said their musical partnership is like a "sexual puzzle," joking that when they get writer's block, they just "make out and figure it out later."

"You love puzzles," Ballas joked, telling ET that when Jean asks to "just take a little break," he usually suggests they finish it right then and there. "I'm like, 'Babe, I can't come up with anything. You're really going to have to find a way for me to get some inspiration.'"

"That's the balance though," he added. "I love to work, she loves to take breaks, and together we work the right amount of time. There are songs on there that have, like, sexual energy, they're tense, and there are some really romantic songs. There is a tragic song on there that just makes your heart just, like, break … it's cool, it's going to be fun. We're excited to share it."

The two clearly haven't slowed down since saying "I do." Ballas is also reprising his role as Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, which has caused them to put their honeymoon plans on hold. They plan to make up for it by taking a relaxing, romantic vacation as part of their one-year anniversary.

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"We never did a Bachelor/Bachelorette party, which we were going to do Jack and Jill," Jean revealed. "We never did honeymoon. So we're thinking of maybe combining the two and doing an untraditional [party] -- maybe a destination Bachelor/Bachelorette weekend, and then we go off on our [own]."

More on that in the video below!

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