EXCLUSIVE: Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Says Adorable Daughters Have 'Led Me to Higher Grounds' on New Album

Not only did Reynolds and his wife welcome twins this year, the band is also releasing their third studio album in June!

Dan Reynolds
is pretty much the definition of dad goals.

The Imagine Dragons frontman and his wife, Aja Volkman, welcomed twin daughters -- Coco Rae and Gia James -- on March 28, joining big sister Arrow Eve, 4. According to the 29-year-old singer/songwriter, living in a house full of ladies has inspired new music on the band's third studio album, Evolve, out June 23.

"I will say that there are a couple songs on this record that are love songs and typically, I do not write love songs," he told ET on Tuesday, just before hitting the stage for a performance at YouTube Space LA. "I think having all these girls in the house with me has softened my heart a little bit and led me to higher grounds."

When he's not on the road, Reynolds says he couldn't be happier to be surrounded by girls.

"I am [outnumbered], yes, and I'm grateful for it," he gushes. "I wanted girls, to be honest with you. So I'm happy."

Reynolds says that big sister Arrow -- who frequents his adorable Instagram feed -- is adjusting well to life with two little sisters.

"She's an amazing big sister, but I know that it's been a little hard for her," he admits. "Just because she was everything -- and she still is, I want her to know that. I've found ways to kinda -- like, two days ago we did a little hotel stay and had chocolate cake in bed and watched Aladdin. I definitely want her to know she's still my number one."

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With Evolve, Imagine Dragons are ready to do just that, taking on a new approach with both the lyrics and sound.

"Lyrically, for me, this record was written from a really healthy spot," Reynolds says. "We came home from tour, we'd been home for like a year, and so I think hopefully that shows in the record. Also, sonically, we took a more minimalistic approach to it, but it's also a very colorful record, visually, so we thought Evolve was the appropriate title."

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So far, fans have heard three offerings from the album -- "Believer," "Thunder" and "Whatever It Takes."

"I don't think any one of those songs is an accurate representation of the album," says drummer Daniel Platzman, "but I think between the three songs that are now available, in there lies Evolve."

One thing that won't be on the album: collaborations with other artists.

"I know we live in kinda the world of collaborations right now, but, you know, we really are focused on the band still, and we feel like we're still kind of beginning to find out who we are as a band. We still feel young in a lot of ways," Reynolds admits. "So we talked about it and then we decided, nah, we just wanted to do it all by ourselves."

After Evolve hits shelves, the guys will gear up for a fall tour to celebrate.

"There are definitely a couple of elements to our live show that we've never done before," says guitarist Wayne Sermon. "I think the best concerts are the ones where you feel sort of close to the person. Even if you're up in the nosebleeds, you have that connection and you feel close to the performance, close to the artist, so we're gonna try to capture that a little bit more on this album and make people feel like it's just one big happy family."

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