Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Talks Revealing Her Engagement, Says She's Returning to Work Next Week


Rachel Lindsay is in love and she doesn’t care who knows it! After the next Bachelorette spilled the beans that she’s “very much in love” and engaged during a recent press conference, she sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night after the show’s premiere to talk about the reveal.

Noting that she got engaged “on the show,” Rachel went on to talk about what led her to speak out about it so early.

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“We joke and say this is a season of firsts. I think they were like, ‘You’re so excited, you’re glowing, just do it!’” she said.

Though Kimmel joked that she made the announcement to preempt any spoilers, Rachel insisted that the decision was all her own. And she hasn’t seen her man since the proposal.

“We had a couple of days together,” she said. “We just finished filming like 10 days ago.”

So what will the civil defense attorney do in her free time before the big reveal? Go back to work!

“They’re so supportive,” she said of her job. “Literally my boss said, ‘You know what, go, Rachel, go out there and find love!’ and I said ‘Thanks! I will.’ But he also said, ‘You better come back.’”

Noting that she returns to work next week, Rachel went on to say she’s been “groomed for this” when it comes to keeping her secret.

Kimmel tried to crack the determined attorney, subjecting her to a lie detector test and even picking her final three. The late night host selected Eric and Brian and declared Peter the winner.

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But he also quipped, “They never work out, you know that, right?”

“I would love to be the first! I would love to prove you wrong,” Rachel replied.

For more from The Bachelorette, watch the clip below!

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