EXCLUSIVE: Dwayne Johnson for President? His 'Baywatch' Co-Stars Weigh In!

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Following Dwayne Johnson’s “official” announcement for a presidential run during his host monologue on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, ET decided to take a look at how much support the actor would have in Hollywood, and who better to ask than his Baywatch co-stars?

"In the past, I never would have considered running for president. I didn't think I was qualified at all," Johnson shared after announcing Tom Hanks as his running mate. "But now I'm actually worried I'm too qualified."

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While catching up with the cast of Baywatch at a New York screening last night, we wanted to know, can Johnson count on their votes?

“I would absolutely vote for him,” Zac Efron answered without hesitation.

“I just want to talk to him when he’s in the Oval Office and just shoot the s**t and see what life is like being the president,” Efron said, before adding he would want to “see what the gym turns out like.”

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Thankfully, it looks like Johnson can count on the female vote as well.

“Not only does he have my vote, he promised me a cabinet position,” Kelly Rohrbach said.

“He did so good on SNL, he did amazing,” Rohrbach added, hoping flattery would land her that coveted cabinet position.

"I actually think Dwayne would make a great president," Alexandra Daddario admitted. "He's very honest, he's very genuine and he really cares about people."

There might be something in it for Daddario as well. "I would love to have a cabinet position, I feel like it would be very nice to have that kind of power," she added.

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“I would totally vote for Dwayne!” Priyanka Chopra excitedly told ET. “He is so conscientious, such a great guy, has such leadership qualities, why not?”

“And apparently, anyone can be president,” Chopra quipped.

So what is the first favor the Quantico star would call into President Johnson? “I’d take him back to India! My country loves him and I would take time out to make him do that.”

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Until then, Johnson and the rest of the Baywatch cast will have plenty to keep them busy in the coming weeks as they continue their world promotional tour for the action-comedy reboot.

“We’re bringing Baywatch across the planet to a country near you,” Efron teased.

Baywatch splashes into theaters on May 25 and the presidential election in 2020 is on Nov. 3, in case you wanted to mark your calendars!