Pregnant Serena Williams Says She's Keeping Baby's Gender a 'Surprise' After Sister Venus' Comments

The tennis pro explained why her sister would refer to her baby-to-be as a girl.

Serena Williams explains why sister Venus would refer to her baby-to-be as a "she" in a recent interview.

During her post-match interview with Eurosport after winning the second round of the French Open on Wednesday, Venus seemed to have accidentally revealed that Serena was expecting a girl. "She's going to call me 'favorite aunt,'" the 36-year-old tennis pro said. "Every day we're like, 'Baby Vee, baby Isher, baby Lyn,' so we all want the baby to be named after us."

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On Thursday morning, Serena took to Instagram to clarify her older sister's comments, noting that they only grew up with sisters around, and that she nor her fiance, Alexis Ohanian, have any plans to learn the sex of their baby until he or she is born.

"I think the surprise of knowing what you are going to have on that very special day you give birth is prob the best surprise you can ever have!" Serena, 35, wrote. "So to clarify what Venus said, I am always joking with my sisters to see what favors I can get them to do for me next. If I want something from one of my sisters, I say, 'Baby Venus,' Baby Lyn,' or 'Baby Isha' needs it."

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"I did not grow up with brothers, only sisters and we all say 'she' more than 'he.' Unless I'm joking with my dad or Alexis and I'm trying to con something out of them too," she added. "Hey, I'm the youngest of five. I've always tricked all of them, what can I say!"

While it doesn't appear that Venus spilled the news on the sex of her sister's baby, Serena herself did accidentally reveal on Snapchat that she was expecting. "It was an accident," she told Gayle King at the 2017 TED Talks conference, clarifying why the pic was deleted shortly after it was posted. "I was on vacation just taking some time for myself and I have this thing where I've been checking my status and taking pictures every week to see how far along I'm going."

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"I didn't tell a lot of people, to be quite honest, and I'd been saving it," Serena continued. "On social media, you press the wrong button and [it's done]. Thirty minutes later I missed four calls and I'm like, 'That's weird.'"