Gwyneth Paltrow Admits She Sometimes Doesn't Know 'What the F**k We Talk About' on 'Goop'

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Even Gwyneth Paltrow can admit that some of her lifestyle website Goop’s practices are a little out there. The 44-year-old actress visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night where the host asked about “Earthing” -- a practice promoted on Goop.

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“They say that we've lost touch with being barefoot in the earth and there's some type of electromagnetic thing that we're missing so it's good to take your shoes off and walk in the grass,” Paltrow began, before finally giving up and joking, “I don't know what the f**k we talk about.”

Kimmel, 49, then pressed further asking, “So sometimes there are things that you go, oh that seems a little bit... much?”
“Oh yeah for sure, yeah,” Paltrow agreed.

Kimmel, who claimed he’s been a Goop subscriber for all 10 years, then asked about several different tips the site offered.

“Squatting while urinating strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in a flatter stomach and more satisfying life. Is that something you believe in?” he questioned Paltrow.

“I don't know, I've never read that before,” she admitted.

“You've gotta subscribe to this website! That is true, that's actually on there,” he claimed.

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Things got even funnier when Paltrow talked about the practice of inserting a small jade egg into a woman’s private parts to help tone her pelvic floor. Watch the clip now to see what she said!

And for more from Paltrow, watch the clip below!

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