EXCLUSIVE: Erika Jayne Shares Health Update Following 'DWTS' Injury and Surgery, Confirms Her 'RHOBH' Return!

The star also spills on what fans can expect from her new music.

Erika Jayne isn’t letting a little thing like surgery keep her down.

“I had an injury from Dancing With the Stars,” Jayne tells ET. “I’m much better. I had a little surgery and, you know, I’m OK. We’re healing.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
star shocked fans last month when she shared snaps from a hospital stay on Instagram. While Jayne didn’t want to go into detail about the procedure, she was adamant that she’ll be “fine,” though she admits the healing process is “slow.”

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Still, it’s not slowing her down. The singer stepped out Tuesday night in Santa Monica, California, for a special Q&A at Barnes & Noble for her publicist, Jack Ketsoyan, and his writing partner, Kevin Dickson.

“I couldn't be any more grateful,” Ketsoyan gushes. “She's the most amazing to even come out, and on a crazy week we have … with all the performances she has, so it's a big deal for me.”

Jayne is set to take the stage this weekend as part of the LA Pride festivities, and shares she’s back in the studio working on new music.

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“Coming up this season, you'll get to see that happening,” she spills, confirming her return to Real Housewives for season eight, her third.

“It’ll be a follow-up to ‘XXPEN$IVE,’” she teases, referencing her hit song that’s all about how expensive it is to be her. She also confirms that, yes, she spends up to $40,000 a month to keep up her appearance -- sometimes more! 

“[The new song will] be a little bit of an expansion [on that],” she says. “So, we’ll see.”

Somewhere you won’t see Jayne is in the pages of Ketsoyan and Dickson’s new book, Blind Item. (Her reaction? “Thank god!”)

Blind Item
, out now, is a dishy summer read
about Hollywood’s underbelly, featuring twists on real celebrity scandals that weren’t fit for print in their original state. They’re stories Ketsoyan and Dickson shared over lunch back in the day, when Ketsoyan was representing clients including Paris Hilton and Tara Reid, and Dickson was writing for tabloids. 

“We changed even races on some of the celebrities, and we changed hair color and personality, so that people are not easily recognizable,” Ketsoyan says. “[And] so that nobody gets angry or gets mad about it. So, it's a fun read that you're gonna be able to start guessing and make your own judgment on who these people are.”

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“At the end of the day, you can go away with your friends and go, 'Oh my god! Who do you think that might have been?'” Dickson adds.

The guys aren’t worried about stars freaking out over their secret scandals being semi-exposed in the book, though.

“God forbid!” Dickson exclaims. “If you saw that and know it was you, you would shut up and walk away! You'd be like, 'No! I don't know what you're talking about. Look over there. A cat!'”

“110 percent,” Ketsoyan chimes in. “They're definitely not going to come forward and say it was them.”

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