Eddie Cibrian Fires Back at Brandi Glanville After LeAnn Rimes Accusations: 'Not Healthy Behavior'

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The drama between Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville continues.

The 43-year-old actor fired back at his ex-wife after she accused Cibrian's wife, LeAnn Rimes, of harassment.

In a statement obtained by ET, Cibrian addresses Glanville's accusations and defends his wife of six years.

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"I normally don’t respond to Brandi's foolishness but I will not allow false and reverse accusations to go unanswered about my wife," the statement reads. "LeAnn is a fantastic stepmom to the boys and is always gracious to their mother. Having to put up with Brandi's made up drama all the time is extremely frustrating. After eight years we should have one priority, making sure two incredible kids are loved and remain happy and healthy."

"But every couple of months there is another accusation coming from Brandi in an attempt to drum up drama to stay relevant," Cibrian continued. "LeAnn and I did not, nor have we ever, 'shown up' at places where Brandi will be. Why would we do that? Makes no sense. We had a reservation held at Nobu five days before Brandi posted she was going. Here is the proof and if anyone needs more, call Nobu and they will confirm. And for Brandi to openly predict and hope for the end of our marriage in three years is sad. Sick. This is not healthy behavior. I'm very concerned."

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On Thursday, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star released a statement about how Rimes was obsessed with her and "watched my boyfriend's Snapchats several times over the course of a few hours."

Glanville then took to social media on Friday claiming that Rimes had been allegedly keeping tabs on her boyfriend's, Donald 'DJ' Friese, snaps.

"Proof from my statement! This is my boyfriend's Snapchat! As you can see Leann & Kiki watched 4 different snapchats over course of the day! Then she shows up to the exact restaurant where we said we would be & shows up with my kids!" she wrote on Instagram.

It didn't take long for Cibrian to call out Glanville. The actor then shared a screenshot of a text message conversation between Rimes and her assistant, asking to make reservations at Nobu before Glanville even announced that she was going.

"Proof: Le asked for a resrv @ nobu on Monday 5/15 for 4 people @ 5:45. Stop creating drama. Nobu also has record of this FYI. Kids first pls," he tweeted.

For more on Glanville's feud with Rimes, watch below.