EXCLUSIVE: Alison Brie Dishes on Newlywed Life with Dave Franco: 'It's Been a Very Empowering Year'

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Alison Brie
has had a big year. In March, she and longtime boyfriend Dave Franco tied the knot, her new Netflix original comedy series GLOW debuts later this month -- and the star says the two experiences actually have a lot in common.

The Mad Men alum spoke with ET's Leanne Aguilera at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, on Saturday, where she opened up about life as a newlywed, and how it's mirrored her role as a badass professional wrestler in the '80s.

"Everything's great!" Brie, 34, exclaimed. "I think it's a great time in my life. Not in, you know, our lives collectively, not necessarily globally, but being married."

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According to the actress, being married has been "similar to the experience of working on [GLOW], in that it's been a very empowering year."

"I don't know why those two things have kind of gone hand in hand for me, but they have," she added. "Wrestling and marriage, they're both just like, 'YAAAAHHHH I can take on anything!'"

And it turns out, Franco has seen his wife's new series and he absolutely loves it. "He's GLOW's biggest fan," Brie said.

In her upcoming series, Brie stars as Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress in the 1980s, who joins an up-and-coming female wrestling organization called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

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Brie recounted how, as she was working on the show, she would send Franco videos of her wrestling moves "which progressively got cooler."

"I feel like the day one of wrestling training, we're just doing like rudimentary somersaults and he was like, 'coooool....' but then when I showed him moves later he was genuinely excited and impressed," Brie joked.

drops its 10-episode first season on Netflix on June 23.

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