'Star Wars' Superfan Jacob Tremblay Finally Met Mark Hamill, Says He 'Geeked Out Big Time'


Star Wars
superfan Jacob Tremblay
had the best day ever at the premiere of his new film, The Book of Henry, on Wednesday, when he got the chance to meet Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.

The 10-year-old Room star met the Star Wars icon while walking the red carpet at the LA Film Fest's opening night screening at the ArcLight Cinema in Culver City, California, and he managed to keep his cool exterior even as he was freaking out.


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Tremblay took to Twitter to share his excitement for the opportunity to meet the sci-fi legend.

"Geeked out, big time, don't even care!" he wrote. "Thank you @HamillHimself for chatting with me! #Woah! #LukeSkywalker."

Hamill took the gracious words to heart and retweeted the young star's post, adding, "You (& the entire cast) were wonderful in #TheBookOfHenry Jacob! A beautiful film-so unpredictable, heartfelt & moving #GreatMovie #JediJake."

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Tremblay immediately decided to adopt that particular nickname, tweeting back, "Everyone can now call me #JediJake please."

In The Book of Henry, Tremblay worked with director Colin Trevorrow, who also happens to be the man at the helm of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX.

ET recently spoke with Trevorrow, who recalled how his young star would try to get him to reveal Star Wars spoilers "every day."

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"He has a very clear agenda" Trevorrow said, laughing. "He's not been shy about that."

From his excitement over meeting C-3P0, R2-D2 and BB-8 at the Oscars to swimming around in a Millennium Falcon inflatable beach raft, Tremblay has been an outspoken Star Wars fan for some time. He even named his adorable dog Rey, after Daisy Ridley's character in The Force Awakens. Check out the video below for more on his adorable obsession.