Gabourey Sidibe Doesn't Want to Be Congratulated for Losing Weight: 'Mind Your Own Body'

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Gabourey Sidibe didn't decide to lose weight for anyone but herself.

The 34-year-old actress told ABC News' Robin Roberts during an interview for season two of the podcast Everybody's Got Somethingthat there's one thing that really gets under her skin since shedding some pounds.

"You don't need to congratulate me on it," Sidibe said of her weight loss. "You don't congratulate me every time I blow my nose, I needed to, it's in my body."

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The Precious star noted that she understands "that people are coming from a good place," but she still finds the congratulatory compliments to be "so misogynistic."

"We tell women what they need to look like, and what they don't need to look like," she explained. "There are plenty of like fat guys or whatever. And no one has ever written think pieces about why they need to lose weight. No one's ever going to accuse them while they were, you know, on a show promoting their film, that they're actually promoting an unhealthy diet."

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"Mind your own body," Sidibe added. "People want to feel like they have some sort of ownership over your body, even though you're a stranger. And it's even worse when you're recognizable like me."

While promoting her book, This is Just My Face, Try Not to Stare, Sidibe spoke with ET about life after undergoing weight loss surgery last year upon being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. "I am happy!" she shared. "[I'm] not dead. And I am also like, really glad that the way I did it, I did not tell too many people."

"The thing about my body is that it is mine," Sidibe continued. "The only opinion that mattered was mine. And that's just the way I kept it."

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