Pharrell Williams Says Doing 'The Voice' Was 'Like a Drug' and Explains Why He Won't Return

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Pharrell Williams has revealed that he won’t return to The Voice due to his busy schedule, which currently involves promoting new music for Despicable Me 3, preparing to release another album and parenting four kids.

“Honestly, I have to work,” the 44-year-old artist told Today on Tuesday. “I got so much work to do. It was so much fun and while I was doing it, helping other people was like a drug for me. I couldn’t get enough of helping them, but I have work to do, music to make and so many records.”

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Ariana Grande’s album’s amazing, the Justin Timberlake album’s amazing,” he continued. “There’s another album that I can’t talk about, but all my fans know about it. It’s coming and it’s exciting and there’s just so much work I got done being off, but I’m so grateful and had such a great time.”

Work isn’t the only thing keeping him busy. He and his wife of three years, Helen Lasichanh, welcomed triplets in January, and while he admits he doesn’t help with diaper changing, he’s relishing watching the trio develop and credits Lasichanh for her hard work as a mom.

“My wife is Seal Team Six,” says Williams, who also has an 8-year-old son, Rocket, with Lasichanh. “There’s nothing she can’t do. She carried those three bodies and she’s just on it all the time. And, we do have some amazing people that help us, but still … it’s serious!”

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“Their personalities are coming through already,” he added of the triplets. “Five months and they’re cooing and they coo back to you… it’s real.”

On Monday, he also talked to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon about how the triplets “harmonize when they cry.” See the doting dad talk more about fatherhood in the video below.