Mandy Moore Is 'Trying Not to Freak Out' as She Gets Back to Work on 'This Is Us' -- Find Out Why!

The 33-year-old actress shared her scary-looking preparations on Instagram Stories.

It's back to work for Mandy Moore... but first, she has to get her face cast!

The 33-year-old actress took to Instagram Stories on Wednesday to document her return to This Is Us for season two -- which included getting a mold of her mug to play the older version of her character, Rebecca.

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"Face cast for season 2. Deep breaths. Trying not to freak out about...," she captioned a video of a makeup artist getting ready to apply the plaster. 

The result was a little more intense than we expected.


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"And then plaster on top of 2 layers of silicone. 30 mins total," she captioned another shot of her scary-looking mask. "I pretended I was getting a facial and had calm music playing."


Moore, who just got back from a vacation with her boyfriend, Taylor Goldsmith, recently hinted to ET that while viewers may get some resolution to a few of the show's season one cliffhangers during the second season, other questions will inevitably arise.

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"I think initially in, like, the first couple episodes, I've been told that people's curiosity will be piqued," she teased, adding that other parts will provide much-needed answers.

"I think people will have some questions answered that they've been dying to know," Moore dished. "I know people were sort of hungry for answers at the end of the [first] season, and I think the writers are heeding that call to sort of give people what they want."

See more in the video below.