EXCLUSIVE: Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg on Babies, Tour Life & Why They Won't Have Makeup Sex

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As they prepare to mark their third wedding anniversary, Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy are opening up about whether they’ll expand their blended family, life on the road with New Kids on the Block and the secret to their adorable relationship -- avoiding makeup sex!

The cute couple got candid during an exclusive interview with ET’s Nischelle Turner backstage at the boy band’s epic hometown gig at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, on Saturday.

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“I know that anything she does that irritates me is just me being irritated,” said Wahlberg, when asked what they do that drives each other nuts. “That's how we deal with it – ‘I say, ‘What's bothering me today about me that I suddenly care about what she's doing?’”

“And don't have make up sex,” theBlue Bloodsstar continued. “Wait a little while, like the next day, and then have sex.”

“Because your body and your ego will become addicted to having sex -- fight to have sex,” McCarthy explained.

McCarthy hit the road with the group on their 47-stop Total Package Tour -- which also features Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men – broadcasting her Sirius XM Stars radio show, The Jenny McCarthy Show, from backstage.

The 44-year-old comedian, who says the greatest thing about her radio gig is “that I get to be myself,” shared how she never lost faith that she would find love during her single days.

“For five years I went without a real relationship and I just kept saying, ‘The one will come. The one will come,’ and boom, he came into my life,” she said. “I wasn't sure in the beginning. Donnie was a guest on my talk show and I [thought,] ‘He's smart, he's funny,’ and then by the second month I knew I was in love with him. We FaceTimed at least 17 times a day. And, every single night we're apart, we FaceTime sleeping the entire night. I sleep next to the phone and he sleeps and we wake up like that.”

“Of course we FaceTime sleep together!” Wahlberg, 47, piped in

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Since tying the knot in 2014, the couple has successfully blended their families -- Wahlberg has two sons, Xavier and Elijah, from a previous marriage, while McCarthy has a 15-year-old son, Evan, who is autistic. The pair addressed their hopes to have a baby of their own on the reality series Donnie Loves Jenny, and McCarthy shared with ET how while the topic still comes up, they’re unlikely to expand their family.

“We both wish if there was more years in the clock that that could happen,” she said. “But, you know what? We’ve realized we both have sons that are the same age [and] they both fell in love with each other. They’re teenagers, so they might not admit it, but they do love each other. We have the perfect family, why add to it? It’s like, we’re done searching, we found everything we need. Evan might need a little more help from all the issues that he's had and Elijah really took on that role of big brother. Everything happens for the best reason possible -- one was for these boys to be brothers and [another was] for me to find the love of my life.”

An enthused Blockhead herself, McCarthy is living every fangirl’s dream being on the road with the “Thankful” crooners, but she admits it’s far from luxurious.

“It is not as glamorous as one would think, but there’s so much heart, family, love,” she said. “The tour buses are a little tough. I’m on the bus with five boys ... five boys snoring.”

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Then there’s all the eager fangirls trying to get a piece of her hubby as he takes the stage, often shirtless, every night, but McCarthy is good-humored about witnessing strangers grope her man.

“My wife doesn't get jealous, but she definitely notices things!” Wahlberg said. “She's like, ‘Great show tonight! By the way, I saw that girl's hand on your booty.’”

“I do notice things, but I think by the time you get to this age, you can't get jealous anymore,” McCarthy added. “You have to get past that stage in your relationship. There are times when I'll look at a girl and go, ‘That's enough.’ But there’s no way I’m going to throw back at Donnie and blame him for doing anything. The man is the most wonderful, honest, loving human being ever and the way he shares love with all his fans -- how can I take that from them?”

The Return of the Mac producer's love and heartfelt gratitude for NKOTB fans was evident after the Boston show, which featured what the group has long considered a good omen -- rain! Torrential downpours sparked a brief “rain evacuation” before the quintet took the stage. With fans rocking ponchos, the show still went off without a hitch, with Wahlberg later posting an emotional video, speechless from the high of playing on his home turf.

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“I can’t even describe how amazing it was. I’m so grateful and humbled and thankful,” he said, tearing up. “I couldn’t even come into this ballpark as a kid. I couldn’t even afford to come in and sit in the seats way up there. We got the best fans in the world. All you other boy bands, listen -- your fans are good, but they ain’t our fans. We have the greatest fans in the history of the music business.”

Bandmate Jordan Knight was also moved to be back at Fenway Park, where the group has only played once previously.

“We've done every stage in Boston and this is like the pinnacle of our career to be here at Fenway tonight,” he told ET.

See NKOTB talk “dad bods” and touring in their forties below.

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