EXCLUSIVE: Chris Hemsworth on Brother Liam Modeling the Smallest Shorts Ever: 'Was That Intentional?'

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Hemsworth on Brother Liam Modeling the Smallest Shorts Ever: 'Was That Intentional?'

Chris Hemsworth is bewildered when it comes to his younger brother, Liam Hemsworth, recently sporting a pair of seriously tiny shorts on Instagram.

ET spoke to the 33-year-old actor on Tuesday in New York City about being the new face of Hugo Boss' Boss Bottled fragrance, where he commented on Liam's hilariously revealing pics.

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"You know what that felt like? That felt like a late Friday night, drunken kinda post," Hemsworth told ET's Jennifer Peros. "And then the following morning he's like, 'I didn't. Did I? Oh no.'"

"Was that intentional?" he added with a laugh.

When it comes to Hemsworth posing in his own short shorts, don't hold your breath.

"I don't think so, no," he responded when asked if there was any chance of him following in Liam's footsteps.

The father of three did admit that he and 27-year-old Liam are competitive when it comes to staying in shape and playing sports -- though not when it comes to their careers.

"Yeah, in a fun way, you know?" the Thor actor said about their physical rivalry. "I feel like we've always been. People try to pair us off like there's this vicious competitiveness, and, 'Arghhh! You got that part and I didn't,' and stuff which isn't the case. Get us at home, playing cricket or football or surfing or something and, yeah, there's a great rivalry there -- a very healthy one."

Hemsworth is also definitely supportive of Liam's relationship with Miley Cyrus, and affectionately joked about the 24-year-old "Malibu" singer, whom Liam recently called his "little angel." When asked who the better partier is between him, Liam and their older brother, 36-year-old Luke Hemsworth, he didn't hesitate.

"Miley," Hemsworth hilariously responded.

Of course, all three of the Hemsworth brothers are definitely genetically blessed in the looks department. On Monday, Hemsworth announced his new Hugo Boss campaign on social media with a swoon-worthy pic.

"Excited to announce I'll be smelling amazing fronting the @hugoboss #BOSSbottled fragrance campaign as the #ManOfToday," he wrote. "More coming soon... "

Hemsworth told ET that the iconic brand approached him for the campaign more than six months ago.

"I said, 'Great, I love the brand. What's the messaging? What's the campaign about?,' and that was something that was very in line with what my values are," he explained. "It's all about living your life with integrity, compassion, staying true to your word and, so, it was an easy fit."

The Australian actor also joked that his on-screen Marvel character, Thor, would absolutely wear the new fragrance and later revealed when he feels the sexiest.

"When my wife tells me I am?" he adorably answered. "Yeah, you know, makes you feel good, doesn't it?"

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In April, Hemsworth showed off his insanely impressive surfing skills on Instagram.

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