EXCLUSIVE: 'Million Dollar Matchmaker' Patti Stanger Picks Matches for Brad Pitt, Jen Garner and Katy Perry

The reality star also offered a piece of advice for those trying to find love on dating apps.

It isn't easy finding love in Hollywood -- but that's where Patti Stanger comes in.

WE tv's Million Dollar Matchmaker Patti Stanger has made a career out of matchmaking for the rich and famous, and is now offering up free advice for A-listers in need of a little love!

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"You stay in toxic-ville, you're going to end up with toxic people," Stanger told ET's Kevin Frazier of why Hollywood singletons have so much trouble finding love.

"We need to get to the simple things in life, the pleasures of life, those are the glue. That's the glue," she continued. "[Stars] date each other. Egos date each other. [There's] too many egomaniacs dating each other, and they're exploding left and right."

According to Stanger, it's no coincidence that Hollywood couples can't seem to last. "They don't want to date somebody with less money, less looks, less whatever," she explained. "And sometimes they have to get out of Hollywood to date a regular Joe, a regular civilian."

But Stanger definitely isn't afraid of a challenge, revealing who she would set up with single celebs like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner.

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"I think [Pitt] needs a European, an English girl would be really good," she shared. "Angelina, I would give her someone who is in philanthropy, like a Bill Gates, who's hot, that gives money to philanthropy.... [Garner] would love a church-going guy. That girl goes to church more than anybody."

Stanger's dream match, however, is for Katy Perry. "Give her maybe, somebody who's a business guy, a cute, hot guy who owns his own business, like an entrepreneur."

Christie Brinkley, 63, told ET that she wants to know "where to meet a nice guy," explaining that "at this age, it's not as easy" -- but Stanger has a solution!

"What I would tell her to do is date 10 years younger," Stanger revealed. "She said, 'in my age group,' so get out of your age group! If you're 56 or 60, date 50!"

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Stanger's biggest dating tip, however, is to take one extra step before meeting up with anyone new -- even if you're using dating apps.

"The technology has changed, and we think we're smarter but we really are getting dumber. The apps have no information on them, so you gotta get on the phone. You gotta hear his voice," she advised. "Don't get on a date without hearing his voice. Oh god, the voice tells everything!"

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