EXCLUSIVE: Halle Berry Reveals Scary Story of Almost Losing Daughter Nahla in a Store


Berry opens up to ET about her real-life scare, while promoting her new movie, 'Kidnap,' where the actress lives through every parent's worst nightmare.

Halle Berry has known the fear of not knowing where her child is.

The Kidnap star was with ET's Kevin Frazier on Saturday, where she recalled an experience of almost losing her daughter in a store.

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"I was busy looking at a tag, Nahla was very little," the 50-year-old actress revealed of her now-9-year-old daughter. "She was there, I looked around, and she was not there. And you have that moment where I was like, 'Shut the store! Shut the doors!'

"I went right into nobody's leaving this place until I find out where my daughter is," she explained. "And it's just what happens. It's visceral."

Thankfully, for Berry, the scary moment was brief.

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"Luckily, she was like a foot away from me under the turnstile," she said. "But in that moment, she was gone."

In the new film, out Aug. 4, Berry's character explores what happens when a parent's worst fear comes true. Playing Berry's daughter in the move is 9-year-old Sage Correa, who is the same age as Nahla -- and you can bet there were playdates!

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"We hung out, they became buddies," the actress revealed.

Watch the video below for a first look at Kidnap.