EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Grace Moretz on Taking a Break From Hollywood: 'I Know Where I Am Now'

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Chloe Grace Moretz is coming back with a bang.

After a year-break from red carpets and Hollywood events, the 20-year-old actress made her grand entrance at Variety's Power of Young Hollywood event sponsored by H&M in Los Angeles on Tuesday -- an appearance that she told ET's Katie Krause "meant a lot to me."

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"I've been acting for 15 years now, so it's been a long road, but to be only 20 years old and to have this career behind me and to be on this cover, it means so much," Moretz said. "It's such an honor."

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Moretz's Variety interview made headlines this week after she revealed that an older male co-star once made her cry when he told her that she was "too big for him" while they were filming a movie together. She was just 15 years old at the time. 

"Being a woman in Hollywood is not easy. Being a young woman in Hollywood is not easy, but acting is worth it every day," she told ET of sharing her story. "This career is worth it every day, and no matter what the hardships are, it makes it worth it."

For Moretz, the Variety cover comes at a perfect time.

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"It meant a lot to me to kind of come back into my career in the space where I know more about myself and I know where I am now and I know what I want to convey to people," she explained. "I know what I want to share about myself, and it's just a cognizant decision and a positive step forward."

The actress also admitted that she's now more picky about the roles she signs on for.

"I think its easy when you work a lot to kind of just do things habitually, and you just want to work because your used to working, and you work and work and work, and you kind of sit and stop for a second," she said. "The dust settles [and] you kind of look around and go, 'Well, what am I proud of, and what have I done that really I can look at and say that's something that represents who Chloe Moretz is?'"

"I wanted to make sure every project I made from that step forward was a project that was what Chloe Moretz was representing and what I wanna punch out to young people and to young girls, and just make the right decisions," she added.

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