Jennifer Aniston on Justin Theroux's Impeccable Grooming Habits: 'I Enjoy a Nicely Manscape-d Partner'

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Jennifer Aniston doesn't mind when her husband, Justin Theroux, goes through her beauty stash.

In a new interview with Refinery 29, the 48-year-old actress opens up about life at home with The Leftovers star, her No. 1 hair regret and why she believes Hollywood is slowly changing its beauty standards.

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Talking about Theroux, Aniston reveals he has some pretty amazing grooming habits.

"He steals my shampoo, my hair paste… whatever product I put on my face, he just does the same for him," she explains. "You know, he likes to dabble. He kind of manscapes, which I actually enjoy. I enjoy a nicely manscape-d partner."

The Friends star previously revealed that she actually hated her signature '90s hairstyle, "The Rachel," but while chatting with the lifestyle website, she admits there was a haircut she despised even more: her bob!

"It just didn't work for me," she confesses. "My hair is too wavy naturally to handle a bob on a daily basis. It would end up looking like a huge ball of fur."

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Luckily, she's now found beauty products she knows work for her, which she shared with the outlet.

Aniston swears by Aveeno sunscreen -- "It's in my car, it's by the pool, it's in the kitchen, it's in the bathroom!" -- and is a big fan of L'Oréal Lash Out Mascara, Neutrogena soap and Charlotte Tilbury face masks.

And when asked how she feels about Hollywood's beauty standards today, she admits she's hopeful.

"I actually do think [beauty standards] are changing, and directors and viewers are now more accepting of all shapes and sizes," she says. "You're seeing more female characters that are more relatable and more human than these unattainable, clichéd girlfriend, best friend, whatever. It's really important."

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Back in April, Theroux was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he revealed that Aniston liked the beard he had to grow for The Leftovers "up to a point."

"She'll like it for about a month and then she's like, 'OK, you have to get rid of it,'" he said. "Then I'm like, 'No, I actually have to keep the beard now for the whole show.'"

Hear more in the video below!