EXCLUSIVE: Jaden Smith Says Justin Bieber Is 'Totally Fine' After Canceling Tour: 'We All Go Through Things'

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Jaden Smith has Justin Bieber's back!

ET caught up with the 19-year-old actor at BeautyCon Los Angeles on Sunday, where he opened up about the "I Love Justin Bieber" tweet he sent the pop star following Bieber's announcement that he was canceling the remaining dates of his Purpose tour.

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"I just had to tweet 'I love Justin Bieber' because that's just a fact, you know," he told ET's Kevin Frazier. "I think that he's amazing, honestly. He's really just like a brother to me and he introduced me to Twitter and a lot of people don't know that. I think I'm one of the only Twitter accounts ever that has ever been verified with zero followers, because he just called Twitter directly and was like, 'Yo, I want my friend Jaden to have an account, set it up and verify his account' … he did that for me."

"Honestly, that tweet is just so real because I honestly just love him and what's he's doing," Smith added. "The amount of change he's being able to make in the world is just insane."

Smith continued on, opening up to ET about Bieber's decision to take a break from tour. Smith revealed he has checked on Bieber since the announcement and says "he will absolutely be OK."

"He's totally fine. I love him," Smith exclaimed. "He's just an amazing guy and everybody -- life is hard, you know? We all go through things but the difference between other people is that no one knows about it."

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"It's really difficult for people like Justin or me or all types of people in the limelight," he continued. "Like, when you go through things, people find out and that makes it harder for you than the actual reality of what is happening. It makes it so much harder that everybody knows about it than the actual situation."

Of course, Smith isn't the only one who is on Bieber's side. When ET caught up with Beau Casper Smart at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, he told us he believes in the "Sorry" singer's decision -- and fans should respect it!

"Things just happen like that," the 30-year-old choreographer explained to ET's Lauren Zima when asked what types of things stars like Bieber should do to make time for themselves when the work seems overbearing. "I know it sucks for everybody that was looking forward to [his tour] and bought tickets and stuff, but at the cost of what? At the cost of him? The cost of his sanity? His body, his mind, his emotions, his soul, his physicality?"

"It's really tough," he continued. "It's really easy to be mad at someone for doing something like that because it's not them traveling into a new city, a new hotel every single night. It seems like it's such a glamorous life but it's really tough. Some people, you kinda just have to respect it. He's not going anywhere, he's not like, 'I'm going to quit forever.' He's here. He's a phenomenal artist and a good kid."

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Back in July, sources told ET that an aggressive tour schedule took its toll on Bieber shortly after he announced he was canceling the remaining dates due to "unforeseen circumstances." Bieber had at least 12 concerts left on his schedule.

Hear more in the video below.

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