Chrissy Metz Recalls Almost Getting Kicked Out of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Audience

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Chrissy Metz's loyalty to the Florida Gators gets her in trouble at times.

While on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, theThis Is Usstar recalled when she was in the audience of the late-night show 10 years ago and nearly got escorted out by security. Metz told the late-night host that she believed it was Cheryl Hines that was a guest at the time, and the Curb Your Enthusiasm star was talking about being an alumni of Florida State University, the rival for University of Florida.

"Football is religion in the South," Metz noted. "I love [Cheryl]. I don't love the choice of school, but that's fine."

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Upon hearing that Hines was a FSU fan, Metz said she yelled out, "Go Gators!" That's when the 36-year-old actress remembers a JKL security guard coming up to her and giving her a warning. Paying no mind to security, Metz said she started again cheering her college team during a commercial break and was told to leave her seat. After begging to stay and watch the taping, security obliged.

Needless to say, Metz was happy to be back as a guest on JKL a decade later. "So, here I am officially, and here I am on the couch," she declared proudly.

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The TV star also revealed to Kimmel the advice she received from Sylvester Stallone when he recently guest starred on This Is Us. "It's so much about resilience and having a thick skin," Metz said the Rocky star told her. "Keep going."

Metz also shared that Stallone is playing a co-star of Justin Hartley's character, Kevin Pearson, in a movie within the show.

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Just this week, Metz chatted with ET about what it was like to meet Stallone. “He’s very congenial,” she said of the 71-year-old action star. “He came in the makeup trailer, and he’s talking, he’s making jokes and he basically knows [co-star] Chris [Sullivan]'s entire resume. It was so cute… He knows people’s names, and he just cares and that’s super cool ‘cause he's a busy guy.”

Check out what Metz's co-stars had to say about having Stallone on set:

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