O.J. Simpson Trial Delayed


O.J. SIMPSON won't face armed robbery and kidnapping charges in court until September 8, the Associated Press reports. District Judge JACKIE GLASS said she reluctantly delayed "The Juice"'s Vegas trial -- which was supposed to start on April 7 -- in order to give the defense more time to prepare. 

"There will be absolutely, positively no reason" for another delay, Glass admonished the attorneys from both sides, according to the AP. She admitted, too, that it took the prosecution longer than expected to prep its evidence (which includes tape recordings).

Simpson and his co-defendants face multiple felony charges and could be sentenced to prison for life if convicted, the news agency reports.

As we previously reported, O.J.'s attorneys attempted in February to get several of the charges against him dropped, to no avail so far. The disgraced former NFL player denies spearheading an armed robbery of sports memorabilia in Las Vegas last September.