Nia Long Reveals Where She Stands on Another Serious Relationship

The actress and Ime Udoka split in December after 13 years together.

Nia Long has a lot of things on her mind -- traveling, good wine, cooking with her kids -- but a serious relationship is not one of them.

The 52-year-old actress spoke to The Cut and shared the things she'd rather be doing with her life following her split with Ime Udoka back in December after 13 years together. The topic came up when she was asked if it's overwhelming the amount of men publicly shooting their shot with her.

"Oh God, I’m not ready for a serious relationship. My mind is not even there at all," she told the outlet.

The You People star then went on to list the things that are far more important to her right now.

"I want to go out and have amazing, important, deep, thoughtful conversations. I want to travel. I want to laugh. I want to cook with my kids and listen to music," she said. "I want a good glass of wine. I want a good goodnight kiss. Everything else will have to show itself as being that. I’m just trying to enjoy the moment. I have a couple of passion projects I want to get off the ground. I want to go to Bali for a month, relax, breathe, and do yoga."

Long made the revelation two weeks after going on The Drew Barrymore Show and telling the host that she has her "eye on one person" but is "never telling" who that person is.

After months of speculation regarding their relationship, Long and Udoka, head coach of the Boston Celtics, called it quits following news Udoka allegedly had an affair with a female co-worker within the Celtics organization. Udoka was suspended as head coach of the professional basketball team after the alleged relationship came to light.

Long expressed how she dealt with being in the public eye when it all publicly unraveled.

"My only focus right now is my youngest son ’cause he’s having a really tough time," she told The Cut. "I’m sure I have some things that I’m suppressing, but I have to do that to take care of him first. That’s the giving. It’s natural. I’m sure I’ll have to circle back with myself several times to reconcile things. But the one thing I’m trying not to harbor is anger."